IP Address Management and Switch Port Mapper

Tracking and managing IP addresses, tracing the devices connected to a particular switch port, and the number of ports left out in a distribution switch, are challenging tasks when it comes daily network management. Using spreadsheets/ a separate tool to manage these, takes more time and adds to the complexity. OpManager's IPAM & SPM add-on brings you an integrated and centralized console for IP address management and switch port mapping.

IP Address Management

End-to-end IP address tracking

Extensive details to track each IP Address: For every IP address, this add-on provides DNS name, MAC address, State, System Name, Device Type, Switch Name it is connected to, Switch Port it is connected to, Alias Name, Owner & more. Besides these, administrators can also add their own custom fields against each device, both at the subnet-level and at the IP details level.

Integration with Active Directory: The integration with Active Directory does a look-up for each IP address to determine if the device pertains to a computer object in the Active Directory (AD). If yes, the IPAM tool fetches more nformation from AD viz. Created Time, GUID, Last Logon, OS Name, OS Version, & more.

Historical IP Address tracking: This add-on helps you time travel and fetch past information related to a particular IP address. Admins can track down the user to whom a particular IP was allocated on a given date, using the IP history tracker.

Get notified instantly when there is a change in state for a particular IP address or the address space such as:

  • From transient to available or available to used IP address.
  • If DNS forward or reverse lookup fails, or if DNS lookup returns a different IP address value.
  • If IP Utilization of a subnet falls below or greater than a specified percentage.

Subnet-wise IP address used and availability reports: The add-on provides the ability to generate reports to list all the used and available IP Addresses in a particular subnet or in a group or across the IT infrastructure. Further these reports can be scheduled to be emailed periodically or generated on demand with options to export as CSV, XLS & more.

  • IP Address Management
  • IP Address Manager

An agile hierarchical view and search

The IPAM add-on enables administrators to create a hierarchical subnet tree view to represent the location or the usage and add subnets under them. This way the administrator can easily locate a subnet to get the required details.

The agile GUI lets admins drag-n-drop subnets between groups, renaming a tree node, add/delete a subnet, scan all the subnets in a group, search using IP Address, MAC Address, DNS Name, Switch Name, Switch Port, Alias Name, & more.

Flexi-subnet scanning

The IP Address management tool does a periodic scan (or triggered on-demand) on the network to provide the status (reserved or transient or available) of any IP address. It uses various protocols to scan the subnets viz. ICMP, SNMP, DNS, and WMI to get the details of the IP Addresses.

Auditing user access

The OpManager IPAM add-on logs every event performed using this tool, along with the time and date of the event. These granular logs help admins track and audit the changes made using the IP address manager.

Switch Port Mapper

Gain better visibility on switch ports

Map the devices plugged into each switch port in real-time and gain visibility into:

  • The IP/ MAC address details of the connected devices (workstations, IP Phone, etc.)
  • VLAN information, port status (administrative and operational status and port speed) and availability of switch ports.

Historic Switch port mapping information works similar to the Historical IP Address tracking. This tools helps admins find out which devices were connected a particular switch at a specified period of time.

Superior search that lets you find devices by searching for MAC, IP Address, DNS Name, or the location of the device.

Group switches for easy identification and control: Switch Port Mapper allows creating different groups of switches based on the location or the building they are located in. Switches can seamlessly be moved within groups. Switches in different groups can be scheduled to scan connected devices at different times.

Get notified on switch port status changes (Transient/ Available/ Used) or if the devices connected to a port have changed.

  • Switch Port Mapper
  • Switch Port Mapping

Manage Switch Port using SNMP

This add-on allows administrators to block or unblock a switch port. A switch port can be made administratively up or down through SNMP using the 'SNMP write community' string of a switch. This is very useful to block unwanted traffic from a particular port due to a virus attack or hacking.

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