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In today’s world of fast technology and immediate response, IT teams are expected to make decisions on the fly. This forces them to ditch the traditional email-based communication systems and adopt instant collaboration tools. However, concerns about data security make IT teams reluctant to adopt social networks for official communication.

To satisfy the communication needs of IT, OpManager now includes Social IT - a private social network built exclusively for IT. It is the industry first social wall that is available within an IT infrastructure monitoring software. With the help of Social IT, IT folks can build a social wall and collaborate, socialize and engage with their team members in real-time.

Major highlights of Social IT:-

Note: Social IT is available only in the new API webclient.

Collaborate in real-time:

Social IT offers a multi-threaded cascading wall for IT teams to collaborate in real-time. This helps IT teams of multiple business units to collaborate with each other on a single wall. IT staffers can also start discussions, share videos and articles, and trigger a script to post its status via REST APIs. Social IT keeps all the shared information safely and they can be accessed only by people involved in the discussion.

Collaborate in real time

Share and Discuss device performance:

The Social IT lets IT teams share a particular page such as a device snapshot page or alarm details page of OpManager on the wall to help the team discuss about the device’s performance, share troubleshooting steps and fix issues without wasting time. This helps in gaining quick visibility into device performance and reduces the time taken to address bottlenecks.

Discuss Device Performance

Integration with third party IT management tools:

Leveraging the REST APIs, IT admins can integrate social IT with IT management tools from ManageEngine as well as from BMC, CA, HP, IBM and other vendors. With this integration, IT teams can achieve powerful automations that streamline IT collaboration in problem prevention and resolution. Alarms and performance reports from these solutions can also be shared on the Social IT wall.

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