Juniper Network Monitoring

Juniper is an MNC that designs and markets networking products including routers, switches, network security products, and software-defined networking technology. Juniper holds almost one-third of the market for high-end core routers and presented stiff competition to Cisco Systems. With a wide array of devices from routers to datacenters, Juniper devices are widely used by business organizations, SMEs, and enterprises to handle IT management needs. Juniper performance monitoring is the process of continously tracking and analyzing critical metrics such as performance, CPU, memory utilization, and overall device health of Juniper networking devices that includes Juniper routers, switches, and firewall.

OpManager provides robust support for Juniper network performance monitoring through a suite of features designed specifically for monitoring and managing Juniper devices. This makes it easier to view and control all Juniper devices in your network from a single console. With OpManager, you can also perform proactive Juniper network monitoring by analyzing bottlenecks and automating troubleshooting in Junos OS devices across your enterprise network.

Real-Time Juniper Performance Monitoring

Maintaining uptime of Juniper devices in the network and identifying problems proactively is the key to efficient network management. With OpManager's pre-defined Juniper device templates, you can start Juniper device monitoring out-of-the-box. This helps you configure the data collection, thresholds, and fault notification right away and also the option to apply the template to Juniper devices in bulk. You can set up your Juniper network and monitor it in a matter of minutes using OpManager.

Juniper Network Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager

Juniper real-time performance monitoring

Juniper real time performance monitoring features in OpManager monitors a wide range of metrics such as CPU utilization and load, memory utilization, the temperature of the device, counters, uptime and much more using SNMP. It also monitors the interfaces for availability, traffic, errors, and discards, proactively. What sets Juniper real-time performance monitoring in OpManager apart is the provision of customizable thresholds, that enables users to configure alerts based on specific severity levels. This allows network admins to swiftly identify and rectify faults in Junos OS devices real-time, thereby bolstering network reliability and performance.

Juniper Network Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine OpManager

Fault management for Juniper devices

OpManager improves Juniper monitoring by automatically discovering Juniper switches and routers in your network which can be configured to be placed on a special custom Juniper switch map. All related switch ports are also automatically discovered and you can view the ports which are blocked and the ones currently forwarding at a glance using OpManager's Spanning Tree Protocol. Further, with the help of Juniper network monitoring software like OpManager you can monitor and troubleshoot the Juniper switches for traffic, utIlization, errors, and also for SLA verification. OpManager helps you configure meaningful thresholds and identify the highly utilized and underutilized ports in your Juniper network. The alerts are sent over SMS or an email and can also be viewed through the Android or iPhone app.

Juniper Network Monitoring Software - ManageEngine OpManager

Juniper Dashboard and Business Views

OpManager's extensively customizable dashboard supports over 90+ widgets that displays critical metrics as soon as you log in. You can view at-a-glance overview of critical metrics from your Juniper devices like routers, switches, firewalls and other network devices. With the real-time performance graphs, administrators can quickly troubleshoot the problems remotely. Another critical visualization feature supported by OpManager is Business View - It provides a graphical representation of your network infrastructure with complete support for custom background maps. It makes it easier to group devices based on geographical locations, view the link between Juniper devices and also monitor connectivity and traffic, thereby simplifying your network visualization needs.

Juniper Network Management Software - ManageEngine OpManager

Advanced Juniper network management

Juniper traffic and bandwidth management

OpManager performs network traffic monitoring and security analytics in real-time and offers insights on your network bandwidth. Get real-time visibility on interface traffic, speed metrics, and also live graphs for insights on bandwidth consumption by hosts, applications, and conversations across interfaces. By integrating Netflow, you can analyze your network traffic and flows in detail and get reports on traffic usage by ports, protocols, applications, and IP address. With OpManager, you can also monitor the latency and performance of VoIP connections and measure the round trip time with meaningful insights on jitter, packet loss, and RTT.

Juniper Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager

Juniper security management

OpManager offers advanced security log analysis and helps you generate security and bandwidth reports for your Juniper security devices. Bandwidth consumption, the purpose and protocol used, the URLs visited and the list of attacks or spam activities in your Juniper network can be easily identified using OpManager. OpManager analyzes the policies of Juniper firewall devices and offers suggestions based on criticality and usage. With advanced firewall compliance reports, security auditing, and configuration analysis reports, OpManager lets you stay on top of your Juniper network effortlessly.

Juniper Real Time Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager

OpManager: The comprehensive Juniper network monitoring tool

As far as Juniper network monitoring software go, OpManager has got it all covered. In addition to the monitoring features mentioned here, OpManager also has advanced fault identification and resolution features that enables seamless Juniper SRX real-time monitoring. OpManager prevents alert floods and false positives with its adaptive thresholds feature. Its root cause analysis feature lets you correlate data and deduce the cause of a fault while fault resolution is sped up with automated workflows. Whether its the Juniper devices in your network or other vendor devices, OpManager is the comprehensive network management tool to safeguard them against unplanned outages. Download OpManager or try the free 30-day trial.

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