Automated Fault Remediation

The quick turn-around time in attending to a fault is the key to effective network fault management. Automating fault remediation to the possible extent leaves you with productive time to attend to other critical faults that need your physical presence and manual intervention. OpManager takes that one extra leap of packaging auto-fault-remediation features that drastically reduces downtime of network resources and also ensures quick resolutions to several faults.

IT Workflow Automation: OpManager is easily the one-of-a-kind solution with a built-in workflow robot that lets you automate several fault-remedial tasks. With under 100 workflow checks and actions, you can automate several actions based on alerts while simultaneously troubleshooting the alert for the root cause. For instance, you can move a device to a maintenance mode, restart a service or a server, add a note to an alarm, trigger a trouble-ticket into helpdesk, execute a script to correct a fault on a system, or even execute another workflow! The possibilites, as you see, are endless. More on IT workflow automation.

Run Program Profile: With support to plug in any program, you can configure OpManager to execute a self-healing scripts, a batch or any program that does a corrective action to remediate a fault. For instance, you can execute a simple program that throws a pop-up alert on your screen for a particular fault, or even force-restart a server of service on a system.

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