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Network health is the ability of a network to operate as expected within its operational and environmental constraints. But as networks grow more complex with technologies like cloud and AI, maintaining their IT infrastructure is an increasingly tedious task. In order to ensure network reliability, an organization needs to have visibility into the health of each endpoint. Ignoring any underlying problems can leave devices open to damage or even system failure. Network Health Monitoring helps to identify and diagnose issues before they cause significant damage to the system, and maintains optimal network performance. So, a Network Health Monitor is essential for maintaining the integrity of the network.

Advantages of monitoring network health

Using a network health monitor facilitates the ability to diagnose and fix network issues quickly, reducing the time it takes to troubleshoot a problem.

  • Gain visibility into network infrastructure and be aware of the device health.
  • With a centralized view of the network performance, identify problems and make rapid decisions about how best to fix them.
  • Gain insights from intuitive reports about network health to optimize network performance and help strategize network management.
  • Visualize network infrastructure with real time graphs and maps to improve network planning.

OpManager: An integrated solution for monitoring network health

ManageEngine OpManager is a comprehensive Network Health Monitoring Software which provides insights into your network's stability and helps you take important actions to keep your network reliable. Sometimes when processes go on utilizing an abnormal amount of CPU and memory, it can impact the performance of the network. OpManager's Network Health Monitoring Tool can monitor these metrics and alert the users, who can use the monitored data to optimize performance and reliability.

How does OpManager help monitor network health?

  • Utilizes CPU, disk, and memory effectively
  • Maintains optimum performance
  • Regulates device temperature
  • Improves security by identifying rogue devices
  • Gives insightful reports about overall network health

Network health monitor: Gain effective utilization of CPU, disk, and memory

CPU, disk, and memory are the usual suspects when network health deteriorates. If a process utilizes resources more than the allocated amount, the performance will start to dip. OpManager, a potent tool to monitor network health, has CPU, disk, and memory utilization monitors that can help you prevent over utilization of a device's resources. By assigning thresholds, you will be immediately notified when a process's utilization hits a critical limit. This way, you can effectively manage CPU, disk, and memory to increase overall performance.

Network Health Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager

Network health monitor: Maintain optimum performance

OpManager's network performance monitors have reduced the need to keep track of multiple screens and tabs for effortless monitoring. Maintain your network's optimum performance level with availability monitors, network traffic monitors, hardware health monitors, and more. Monitoring network health is no more a tedious process with OpManager.

Network Health Monitoring Software- ManageEngine OpManager

Network performance monitors allow administrators to see detailed performance information for all network devices and applications in real time. This information can be used to identify problems and troubleshoot them proactively.

Network health monitor: Regulate device temperature

Abnormal CPU temperatures can have a significant impact on the performance of network devices. High temperatures can decrease the life span of a device, reduce the computational capability, and do extensive damage to the motherboard. These issues not only affect the device, they can reduce the health of the whole network. Using the following OpManager's hardware and network health monitoring system, you can ensure that your devices and network are healthy:

  • CPU temperature monitors
  • Fan speed monitors
  • Power supply monitors
  • Processor clock speed monitors
Network Health Monitoring Tool- ManageEngine OpManager

Network health monitor: Improves security by identifying rogue devices

Unidentified devices in your network can disrupt your network's health and security. With OpManager, you can discover the devices connected to your network which you can approve or ignore. Set rogue devices as ignore to prevent them from being added to the inventory. OpManager will ignore these devices whenever a rediscovery process is run.

Plus, OpManager's OpUtils add-on prevents any rogue devices from accessing the network and notifies you every time a rogue device is detected.

Network Health Monitor- ManageEngine OpManager

With these features, remove any unidentified devices from your network, and resolve potential security vulnerabilities.

Network health monitor: Gain insightful reports about overall network health

OpManager's network health monitor catalogues the monitored data in the form of over 100 intelligent reports which will help you determine the performance of a network quickly. You can export the report to various other file formats like PDF or XLS. You can also schedule the reports to be published or emailed for ease of access.

Network Health Monitoring System- ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager is an integrated network monitoring tool that offers an integrated approach to monitoring and managing network health. With the capability to set multi-level thresholds and color-coded notifications, OpManager is a perfect network monitor. Learn more about OpManager's Network monitors and other versatile features here.

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