Network Monitor Templates

When deciding what to monitor (the monitoring parameters) and how frequently to monitor (the monitoring intervals), you may want to consider the device’s type and the device’s function in the network e.g. a Cisco 7600 series router sitting at network periphery will need to have both availability and bandwidth utilization monitored in contrast to a distribution switch whose availability needs to be monitored more importantly than bandwidth utilization.

It becomes unmanageable if you were to configure monitoring parameters and intervals to every device individually when you have hundreds of devices in the network. OpManager considers this and brings to the IT administrator ‘Device Templates’ which contain a pre-defined set of monitoring parameters and monitoring interval that are specific to a particular device type. OpManager, a robust network monitor, supports more than 11000 device types out-of-the-box with every device type having an exclusive template.

List of device templates

Monitoring Templates

Modifying a device template

Network Monitor Templates

These templates can be modified and customized to meet specific monitoring requirements:

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