Notification and Reporting

Traditional IT Management solutions are good with colorful reports to be packed in the closet. Being a reactive approach, it does little more than merely irritating you by raising alarms only after a device fails. With configurable thresholds, color coded graphs and business centric prioritization, OpManager enables you to get the fix even before the issue manifests.

The end of the month is drawing closer. You sit down with bundles of data sheets trying to paint the statistics. Finally you dig out all the month’s data- what has been malfunctioning, where and when. You sketch out painful graphs and send it out to your boss. He asks you the question you have been dreading- Why was the VOIP service down for three hours on the eleventh? It really isn’t even fair. How were you supposed to remember something that happened over a fortnight back?

OpManager's powerful reporting functionality allows you to add a note alongside every issue, as you close it. This means you send your boss complete data- the what, the when, the where and the why, in one shot. Now, you just need to select the period for which you need OpManager to fetch the reports and e-mail them to your boss.

Alarm Escalation Rules

There will be days when the alarm load is high and your technicians will not be able to attend to alarms that come up later, despite their criticality. An assigned technician might be unwell, and the alarm would be sitting around in his inbox, exceeding service levels or breaking criticality. In this scenario, it becomes important to have an alternate route to dispatch the alarm.

OpManager allows you to set escalation rules, by which an alarm which has not been acted upon for a stipulated amount of time would be escalated to a higher level of hierarchy. This means issues get to the relevant person before the negotiated SLA is exceeded, and the people who should know always do!

Alarm escalation rules

Reports Scheduler

So the boss now needs to know the availability reports of critical e-commerce services every Thursday morning? All you need to do is configure OpManager to collate the reports every Thursday at 7am and email a copy to your boss an hour before she even reports for the day. OpManager's report scheduler lets you compare devices based on any parameter and export a copy as a HTML, JPG or a PDF document that you can share with your superiors. Moreover by setting up custom SNMP MIB variables, OpManager allows your performance monitoring to be truly vendor independent.

Reports Scheduler

Event-Alarm Correlation

A missed alarm about an impending server overload could spell disaster. An alarm that wakes you at the middle of the night just to inform you thatyour printer is out of paper is just plain irritating. OpManager performs intelligent event processing to filter out the unwanted events and presents only meaningful alarms to the operator. With its color-coded alarms, you get a visual immediate feel of what is working and where the issue is. Moreover, you can view the event history associated with the alarm and choose to manually clear or delete the alarm.

SMS alerts and Notifications

Sitting in front of the computer looking into what’s happening is easily the most boring of tasks. Yet, as the IT head, you cannot take a time out and let your networks run around loose. OpManager lets you reclaim your social life by always keeping you ahead of your systems. Rock climbing, hand gliding or just spending some time with the kids, OpManager makes sure you are always the first to know, by sending you critical alerts on your mobile through text messages. Whats even better, now you are always in the know, even if it is your mail server that causes the issue.

Customer reviews


OpManager - 10 Steps Ahead Of The Competition, One Step Away From Being Unequalled.

- Network Services Manager, Government Organization

Review Role: Infrastructure and Operations Company Size: Gov't/PS/ED 5,000 - 50,000 Employees

"I have a long-standing relationship with ManageEngine. OpManager has always missed one or two features that would make it truly the best tool on the market, but over it is the most comprehensive and easy to use the product on the market."


Easy Implementation, Excellent Support & Lower Cost Tool

- Team Lead, IT Service Industry

Review Role: Infrastructure and Operations Company Size: 500M - 1B USD

"We have been using OpManager since 2011 and our overall experience has been excellent. The tool plays a vital role in providing the value to our organisation and to the customers we are supporting. The support is excellent and staff takes full responsibilities in resolving the issues. Innovation is never stopping and clearly visible with newer versions"


Easy Implementation With A Feature Rich Catalogue, Support Has Some Room For Improvement

- NOC Manager in IT Service Industry

Review Role: Program and Portfolio Management Company Size: 500M - 1B USD

"The vendor has been supporting during the implementation & POC phases providing trial licenses. Feature requests and feedback is usually acted upon swiftly. There was sufficient vendor support during the implementation phase. After deployment, the support is more than adequate, where the vendor could make some improvements."


Great Monitoring Tool

- CIO in Finance Industry

Review Role: CIO Company Size: 1B - 3BUSD

"Manage Engine provides a suite of tools that have made improvements to the availability of our internal applications. From monitoring, management and alerting, we have been able to peak performance within our data center."


Simple Implementation, Easy To Use. Very Intuitive.

- Principal Engineer in IT Services

Review Role: Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation Company Size: 250M - 500M USD

"Manage Engine support was helpful and responsive to all our queries"


Case Studies - OpManager

Thorp Reed & Armstrong

Industry : Government

Randy S. Hollaway from Thorp Reed & Armstrong relies on OpManager for prompt alerts and reports.

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Hinduja Global Solutions saves $3 million a year using OpManager

Industry : IT

Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) is an Indian business process management (BPM) organization headquartered in Bangalore and part of the Hinduja Group. HGS combines technology-powered automation, analytics, and digital services focusing on back office process.

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USA-Based Healthcare Organization Monitor's Network Devices Using OpManager and Network Configuration Manager

Industry : Healthcare

One of the largest radiology groups in the nation, with a team of more than 200 board-certified radiologists, provides more than 50 hospital and specialty clinic partners with on-site radiology coverage and interpretations.

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Netherlands-based real estate data company avoids system downtime using OpManager and Firewall Analyzer

Industry : Real Estate

Vabi is a Netherlands-based company that provides "real estate data in order, for everyone." Since 1972, the company has focused on making software that calculates the performance of buildings. It has since then widened its scope from making calculations.

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Global news and media company

Industry : Telecommunication and Media

Bonita uses OpManager to monitor their network infrastructure and clear bottlenecks.

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