Add-ons, Plug-ins and Integrations

OpManager Plug–ins and Add–ons enable administrators to extend the functionality of network management and server monitoring to meet business needs. Further the integration with other ManageEngine products provides the flexibility to manage other aspects of IT network management viz. Helpdesk, Firewall log analysis et al.

Add–onsPlug–insManageEngine Integrations

OpManager provides several network and server add–ons that can be purchased separately for specific monitoring & management needs. Some of the add–ons starter pack also come bundled in the Professional and Enterprise Editions of OpManager, to know what’s bundled in each edition click here.

Network Traffic Analysis:

One of OpManager’s most popular add-ons, the NetFlow add-on provides in-depth bandwidth usage details to help quickly identify any unscrupulous WAN usage, expose virus attacks and also help in capacity planning. Learn More »

Network Traffic Analysis

Network Configuration Management:

Manage all the configuration changes on your network devices with the Network Change, Configuration & Compliance Management add-on Learn More »

Network Configuration Management

Switch Port & IP Address Management:

An able add-on that complements the powerful Network Management story of ManageEngine OpManager. The IPAM & SPM Add-On helps manage the IP address space, maps devices that are plugged into the switch ports and provides a holistic view of IP addresses, IP computer objects information, MAC address list, VLAN information, Switch ports status & much more... Learn More »

Switch Port & IP Address Management

Firewall log management:

OpManager's firewall add-on helps you effectively manage and monitor your firewall logs and also lets you optimise your firewall rules based on its usage. It also lets you manage compliance in your firewall devices. Learn More »

Firewall log management

WAN RTT Monitor:

OpManager's WAN Round-Trip-Time monitoring helps you troubleshoot poor application performance over your WAN, even over your ISP's network. Learn More »

WAN management

VoIP Monitor:

Leveraging Cisco IP SLA technology, the VoIP Monitor proactively monitors VoIP network performance to report on VoIP QoS metrics such as jitter, latency, packet loss and Mean-Opinion-Score (MOS) in addition to bandwidth utilization. Learn More »

VoIP performance monitoring

Fail-over - Hot Standby engine:

Ensure your network is monitored uninterrupted using OpManager's fail-over functionality. Get alerts on the primary server's failure, have the stand-by automatically take over monitoring and even auto-replicate data to the primary database on recovery. Learn More »

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