Why APM Plugin? What's in it for you?

  • Out-of-the-box monitoring for applications and infrastructure components - including application servers, databases, websites, cloud resources, containers, etc. from a single console. By integrating APM plugin with OpManager, you get combined application and network layer insights across your IT environment.
  • Proactive RCA, ML-enabled alerts, integrated custom dashboards, and comprehensive pre-built reports to optimize application performance.
  • Automatic discovery and dependency mapping of applications in your infrastructure.

Diverse database monitoring capabilities

Gain deep visibility into critical metrics of on-premise, cloud, network, and NoSQL databases! Track database health and availability in real time. You can also isolate queries that deteriorate database performance, and tune them to enhance application performance. You can even monitor and manage your database backups to ensure uninterrupted database availability.

APM Plugin also allows you to directly add databases that are discovered by OpManager without having to run a repeat discovery service in the APM Plugin!

Key Metrics

  • Jobs
  • Sessions
  • Service Availability
  • Database utilization
  • Resource consuming queries / process
  • Backup / replications

Supported databases include

Deep visibility into application servers, web servers and services

The Applications Manager plugin offers unmatched visibility into the performance of critical application servers and web servers/services. Proactively track critical performance metrics and detect problems such as out of memory errors and disk overutilization before they lead to major problems such as outages.

Key Metrics

  • Application Response time
  • Cluster Availability
  • Connection Pool Performance
  • Connection statics
  • JVM Performance
  • Thread pool metrics

Supported technologies include

Comprehensive website monitoring

Monitor the availability and response times of your websites 24x7 and get instantly alerts when they go down. Track your website content and determine whether hackers are trying to deface your site. Monitor your SSL certificates and get alerted before expiry! You can even detect security breaches with ease and prevent website hijacking, SQL injection attacks, etc. You can leverage the WebPage Analyzer tool to isolate the slow loading components in your website. You can use the PageSpeed insights to optimize and speeden your websites. You can also make use of synthetic monitoring from multiple geographical locations and Real User Monitoring (RUM) capabilities for measuring end-user experience.

Monitor cloud and containers

Using the APM plugin, you can monitor workloads and troubleshoot application performance on the cloud. We support multiple public cloud platforms as well as private and hybrid clouds. Detect problems such as service outages, application lag and downtime both within and outside your cloud environment.

You can also monitor and optimize the performance of container technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift as well as the applications that run on them.

Key Metrics

  • Cloud Service Availability
  • Cloud resource usage metrics
    (CPU, Memory & Disk utilization)
  • Requests and Errors
  • Throughput & Latency
  • Average response time
  • Capacity metrics

Supported cloud platforms include

Get application performance alerts in OpManager console

  • Configure alarms for business-critical metrics and get alerts through the channel of your choice: SMS, Email, Slack, etc.
  • Correlate alarms and understand if a performance problem is due to a network or application level issue.
  • Leverage smart, proactive, ML-based alerts to detect issues faster and take corrective actions before end users become aware.

Get started now

With the Applications Manager plugin, you will be able to gain end-to-end visibility into your IT infrastructure, detect and resolve issues across all layers before it affects your end users!

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