Introduction to OpManager add-ons

OpManager add-ons are optional modules that enhance the functionality and capabilities of the core OpManager network monitoring solution. These add-ons provide additional features and functionalities tailored to specific needs and requirements of networking. Some common OpManager add-ons include network traffic analysis, network configuration management, firewall log analysis, IP and switch port management, and application performance monitoring. By utilizing all or any of these add-ons, organizations can broaden the capabilities of OpManager and gain deeper insights into their network infrastructure, enabling better network management and troubleshooting.

Add-ons supported by OpManager:

Some of the add-ons that are available in OpManager include:

add-ons of OpManager

Overview of the add-ons

  • Flow analysis add-on: Provides real-time visibility into network traffic, allowing you to identify bandwidth bottlenecks and optimize resource allocation. This enables proactive capacity planning, ensuring optimal network performance and avoiding congestion.
  • Config management add-on: Enables centralized control and automation of device configurations, reducing manual errors and ensuring consistency across the network. This streamlines network operations and minimizes configuration-related issues.
  • Log analysis add-on: Enhances network security by providing deep insights into firewall activity and identifying potential threats or anomalies. This allows for timely response and mitigates security risks.
  • IPAM & SPM add-on: Enables real-time IP address and switch port management. Resolve IP conflicts, detect rogue devices, and simplify IP resource monitoring.
  • Applications monitoring: Enables you to monitor critical applications and services, ensuring their availability and optimal performance. By proactively identifying and resolving application issues, you can maintain high levels of productivity and user satisfaction.

Why OpManager add-ons are pivotal to your network environment

Networks comprise intricate systems consisting of diverse components, protocols, and technologies. The responsibility of efficiently overseeing these networks falls upon network administrators, who must handle a multitude of tasks.

Nevertheless, administrators frequently encounter various difficulties, including:

  • Ensuring sufficient and appropriate allocation of bandwidth.
  • Effectively managing real-time configuration changes.
  • Resolving conflicts related to IP addresses.
  • Safeguarding against breaches in firewall security.
  • Continuously mitigating the risk of firmware vulnerabilities.

In the absence of a suitable solution, navigating these challenges can be overwhelming. Additionally, relying solely on a single monitoring solution may not be practical in complex network environments. Likewise, obtaining separate solutions for each task is impractical as it involves a steep learning curve and higher expenses.

Therefore, a unified network management solution is essential and made possible with OpManager's add-ons. These add-ons play a vital role in addressing the challenges faced by network administrators, making them indispensable in the current network environment.


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