I already have OpManager. Why do I need the APM plug-in?

OpManager helps you to monitor health, availability, and performance of all devices and applications on your network. The APM plug-in proactively monitors application servers, databases, services, ERP systems, transactions, custom applications, virtual resources and cloud apps in your heterogeneous data center. This helps in identifying the application faults before your end user knows about it. The OpManager & APM Plug-in combination offers an integrated network-application monitoring solution for your enterprise.

Which monitors are supported by the APM plug-in?

The APM Plug-in offers out-of-the-box monitoring support for 50+ applications and servers. Click here for the detailed supported monitors list.

How the APM plug-in is licensed?

OpManager's APM plug-in is licensed based on the number of monitors. You have the option of purchasing a license for the required number of supported monitors. Check out our Pricing page for detailed pricing.

Is the APM plug-in a separate downloadable file and what is the prerequisite?

Yes. APM plug-in is a separate downloadable file. (Click here to download the file)
The only prerequisite is, you should have OpManager 10000 build or later.

What installation platforms are supported?

APM plug-in supports Windows and Linux installation.

Does the APM Plug-in need a separate database?

Application Monitoring plug-in uses the same PGSQL/MS-SQL instance of OpManager for storing the collected data.

I'm already an OpManager customer, how can I evaluate APM plug-in? Or I'm evaluating OpManager now, how can I get APM plug-in?

  1. Download OpManager's APM plug-in from (download tab link)
  2. Shutdown OpManager Service.
  3. Double click OpManager's APM plug-in file. (You have to install APM plug-in in OpManager server only)
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  5. Start the OpManager Service.

To start monitoring Applications, follow the steps below:

  1. Add the device in OpManager and
  2. Start exporting application transactions from the device to OpManager server.

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Download APM Plugin!

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