What is the purpose of uplink dependency?

In OpManager, the availability monitoring of dependent devices will be paused if the core or parent device is down. Enabling uplink dependency will allow you to mute the continuous alarms or alerts generated by the child (dependent) device when the parent is down.

For example, if 100 devices are connected to a parent, OpManager will raise alerts for all 100 devices when the parent is down. Enabling uplink dependency will allow you to mute repeated alerts. OpManager will raise a single alarm informing the user that the parent is down and the child devices are marked as 'Dependent Unavailable'.

You can configure the uplink dependency for a device from

  1. The device snapshot page: Click on the Edit device details option and select the required device under Uplink dependency to set it as the parent device.
  2. The Quick configuration wizard page: You can also configure it from under Settings -> Quick configuration wizard -> Device Dependencies.
  3. Layer2 discovery page: While using Layer 2 discovery, enabling the 'Set Uplink Dependency' option will allow OpManager to automatically discover and assign the dependent devices.

The uplink dependency details of a device can be viewed from its respective device summary page. Also, you can view the complete uplink dependency hierarchy from any one of the following options.

Uplink Dependency Devices report

OpManager has a dedicated report for uplink dependency under Reports -> Inventory.

uplink dependency reports

Layer2 maps page

If the device addition was through Layer 2 discovery, you can view the uplink dependency hierarchy and the complete layout of the layer2 map under Maps -> Layer2 Maps.

Downtime Schedule page

  1. Go to Settings -> Configuration -> Device Downtime Schedules.
  2. Click on Add Schedule.
  3. Select the filter type as Devices, select any device and click on View Dependency Details. You can view the dependency hierarchy of the selected device here.

uplink dependency details

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