How to reset password?

This page is for those who have forgotten their OpManager password and are looking for ways to reset it. There is more than one method of resetting the password

For users that are authenticated with Active Directory Domain authentication, you can reset the password of an AD user by changing the AD password. The same is applicable for Radius Authenticated users.

Local Authenticated users can follow one of the two steps given below to reset the password:

Forgot Password:

  • The Forgot Password option in the login page can be used to reset the password.
  • Make sure the Mail Server Settings and User's email ID are configured. The auto generated password will be sent to the email ID entered as the User's email ID
  • Go to the login page on OpManager. Click on the Forgot password button, enter your user name and press Send.
  • This will send an auto-generated password to the user's configured email.

Note: We highly recommend that you change the password upon logging in for the first time after resetting it.

Reset password for an Operator/Administrator by Administrator user

  • Login to OpManager using an account with admin privilege
  • Click Settings >> Basic Settings >> User Management tab
  • Under Change Password tab click on Assign New of the respective user
  • Update the new password and click on Save to save the changes.

Reset password for admin

  • If Mail Server Settings and User Email Id is configured, use Forgot password option to reset your password.
  • If you are unable to configure your Mail Server settings, contact support to reset the password.

For queries, you can reach us here.


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