Unable to open XLS file in MS Excel 2016

An error that said "file corrupted cannot open" was thrown while trying to open the XLS file (exported from OpManager) in Microsoft Excel. This was due to a common issue in the a few versions of Microsoft Excel.

Try any of the below mentioned fixes to rectify this issue.

Update your software:

  • Update your OS (Windows 10) and Microsoft Office with the latest patches available on the Microsoft website.
  • Replace the user name under C:\Users\User_Name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel with yours and check if there are any folders or files. Move them to another location and leave the folders blank.

Open it in recovery mode:

  • Open MS Excel and search for the downloaded XLS report file.
  • Select on the option 'Open and Repair' instead of the regularly selected 'Open' option. You can also retrieve the formulae from the file by using the 'Export' option.

Open it in read-only mode:

  • Open the XLS file in read-only mode using Microsoft Excel.
  • Copy the content from the existing file and make a duplicate of it. Save it using the default settings. This will help you open the file without any error in the future.

Set cell calculation as manual:

On changing the calculation option in Microsoft Excel to 'Manual', the workbook will stop recalculating the values.

  • Open a Blank Workbook in MS Excel.
  • Go to File -> Options.
  • Under Formula, set the Calculation option to 'Manual' and click on OK.
  • Now open the XLS file from within MS Excel (File -> Open).

This will open the XLS file without recalculating the cell values and may fix the issue.

Repair it using MS Excel Repair Tool:

MS Excel Repair Tool is a Microsoft recommended tool that is used to repair corrupt and damaged Excel files. Source

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