Sync and Rediscover

OpManager has default device templates specific to numerous different vendors. These device templates are regularly updated with new templates and enhancements are made to the existing templates for improved usability.

A device template is a set of predefined properties such as device type, vendor, monitors and monitoring intervals that are defined for a device. It lets you automatically classify and associate monitors across multiple devices at once and effectively check and track the necessary statistics. Each device template is associated with a unique SysOID that helps in proper classification of the device.

If the specific SysOID based templates are not available in OpManager, the discovered device will be classified as 'Unknown'. In such cases, the Sync and Rediscover option helps you fetch new device templates from OpManager's shared repository and properly sync the devices with their respective device templates.

When is the Sync and Rediscover Option shown?

The Sync and Re-Discover option is shown if below situation arises after device discovery:

  1. The discovered device is not properly associated with the selected SNMP credential or if the selected credential is incorrect.
  2. The type or category of the discovered device is ' Unknown'.

How does Sync and Rediscover work?

A shared device template repository/library is maintained by OpManager. This repository is regularly updated with new and enhanced device templates. Once the user clicks on the Sync & Rediscover option, the following actions are executed.

  1. A request is sent to check and fetch a device template with the specific SysOID.
  2. If a corresponding template is available, it will be downloaded from the shared repository and updated in the OpManager database. This device template will be applied to the discovered device.
  3. If not, an alert message will be shown to the user requesting him to reach for assistance at

Pre-requisites for using Sync And Rediscover:

  • Proper internet connection the OpManager's shared Device Template Library should be reachable by the user.
  • A valid AMS.
  • If proxy is configured, the user will need to set proper proxy settings to allow OpManager to perform its function.
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