How can I discover the interfaces associated with my device ?

Interfaces connected to a device can be discovered in OpManager only if the device is SNMP enabled.
You can discover the interfaces connected to a SNMP enabled device in one of the following ways :

Discovering interfaces through Device Snapshot page

  • Go to the device snapshot page of the device whose interfaces you wish to discover ( You can either click on Inventory and select the required device or you can search for the device by clicking on the search icon).
  • In the device snapshot page, click on the green colored button containing three horizontal lines ( in the top right ).
  • Click on Discover interfaces option.
    Now the interfaces associated with the selected device will be discovered by OpManager.
  • A list of interfaces that have been discovered for the device will be displayed. Select the required interfaces and click on Save.
  • You can also rediscover a device from the device snapshot page to discover all the interfaces that are associated with it.

Discovering interfaces in bulk:

  • For bulk discovery of interfaces ( i.e discovering the interfaces associated with multiple devices simultaneously ), use Discovery Profile.
  • The Interface section of Discovery Profile will be disabled by default. Click on Enable to allow Interface discovery,
  • Select the Interface types and the admin & operational status (Click here to read more about admin & operational status) and continue with the device discovery process.
  • If you would like to schedule the Interface discovery, you can select Schedule and choose the required schedule interval. Else, click on Execute Now to discover the interfaces just this once.
  • Now, along with the devices, the associated interfaces will also be discovered by OpManager. 

Interface Discovery while adding a device:

  • Before adding a device using Add Device option, check if Interface Discovery option is enabled under Discovery Settings 
    ( To go to Discovery settings page, click on Settings menu and then under the Discovery section, click on Discovery Settings ).

    interface discovery option
  • If the option is disabled,enable the option and click Save. Now the interfaces associated with the device will be automatically discovered when the device is being added to OpManager. 
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