Monitoring and Management of RAIDs in OpManager

Heterogeneous management tool for storage area networks

ManageEngine® OpManager uses SNMP / CLI / SMI-S/ vendor-specific APIs to discover the RAIDs in your network. Complete set of asset, capacity, performance, and configuration information of the RAID and its components are discovered and represented in the OpManager client.

RAIDs Supported

  • Dell EqualLogic PS 5000 Series, 6000 Series
  • EMC Clariion CX 200, CX 300, CX 400, CX 500, CX 600, CX 700, FC 4700
  • EMC Celerra NX4, NS120
  • EMC Isilon
  • EMC VNX File
  • EMC Unity
  • EMC VNX Block 5100, 5300, 5500, 5700, 7500
  • EMC VNXe3150, VNXe3200, VNXe3300
  • EMC Symmetrix VMAX
  • Dell Compellent SC4020, SC5020, SC7020, SC8000, SC9000, SCv3000, SCv3020
  • HP MSA 1000, 1500
  • HP MSA P2000/2312
  • HP EVA
  • HP 3PAR
  • HPE Nimble
  • IBM DS4000, DS5000, DS6000, DS8000
  • IBM V7000, V5000, V3500, V3700
  • HDS Thunder 9500V, Thunder 9570V, Thunder 9585V
  • Hitachi Lightning 9980V, Lightning 9970V, Lightning 9900V
  • Hitachi VSP
  • Hitachi AMS
  • Huawei OceanStor, 18xxx series, Fusion storage, Huawei 9000 series
  • All v3 devices that support Huawei API
  • Infortrend
  • NetApp E/EF Series
  • NetApp FAS
  • NetApp AFF
  • Promise VTrak
  • StorageTek/LSI Logic
  • Pure Storage
  • Fibrenetix
  • Fujitsu Eternus 8000, Eternus 4000, DX series
  • Areca
  • Accordance


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Features supported

Physical Assets Logical Assets Monitors Report Details
  • Controller
  • Controller Fabric Ports
  • Disk Drives
  • Interconnect Details
  • LUNs
  • Volumes
  • Raid Groups
  • Virtual Disk Groups
  • Partitions
  • Volume Groups
  • Controller status
  • Controller port status
  • Disk Drive status
  • Volume status
  • Disk Group status
  • LUN status
  • Raid Capacity summary
  • Availability Trends
  • Top N Availability
  • Array statistics
  • LUN statistics
  • Disk Drive statistics
  • VDisk statistics
  • Top N Performance
  • Location summary


Asset Management

RAID Assets 

  • Up-to-date device summary
  • Administrators can key in details such as device location, vendor details, and technical support info.
  • Comprehensive physical and logical asset details in RAIDs
  • Device level problem report filing and maintenance

Fault Management

RAID Alarms 

OpManager periodically polls the devices to check the health, availabiity, and utilization of storage RAIDs. Early indications are provided on hardware/software problems and alarms are generated on drive failures, sensor faults such as Fan Failure, Battery Failure, Power supply failure. SNMP traps from the arrays are also captured and appropriate alarm is generated.

  • Captures Storage Array & Component Status Change Notifications
  • Management functions such as assign owner, annotate, clear, and delete
  • Reports alarms to administrators through email or SMS messages based on customizable rules
  • Escalates unattended alarms to higher ups based on pre-defined rules

Availability Trends

RAID Availability 

Availability reports on RAID controllers and its ports show the availability trends, downtime history, MTTR, MTBF, etc

You can generate the reports for various time periods such as today, yesterday, last N days, last week, this month, last month, and between two selected days

Performance Reports

RAID Controller Reports 

Performance statistics are computed at periodic intervals and reports generated to provide trend analysis for the storage array components like

  • Storage Array Capacity
  • Storage Array
  • Controller / Storage Processor
  • Virtual Disks
  • Raid Groups
  • Disk Groups
  • Disk Drives
  • Controller Port Statistics

The parameters collected include the following ,

  • Traffic - Read / Write / Total
  • Utilization - Read / Write / Total
  • Bandwidth - Read / Write / Total
  • Throughput - Read / Write / Total
  • Latency - Read / Write
  • Queue Depth
  • Storage array capacity - Total / Configured / Used / Free

You can visually see the utilization of components like LUN volumes and take preventive measures as they reach their peak capacities


RAID Map View 

  • Topological map shows arrays and their connections to switches and host servers.
  • Link details table shows link name, source, and destination.
  • Color-coded icons depict switch and interconnection status.
  • Drill-down views - Array Sub-map views
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