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ManageEngine OpManager IPAM & SPM Plug-In Read Me

Features and Bug Fixes:

Build between 70000 and 71000

Click here to know the new enhancements and bug fixes in this build

Build between 61025 and 70000

  • PostGres database is made the default database for IPAM/SPM Plug-in
  • MSSQL database supported
  • Issue in not running scheduled task in Config File Manager has been fixed
  • issue in searching switch details in Switch Port Mapper has been fixed.

Between Build 61000 and 61025

  • Support for Chinese Language has been introduced
  • Identifying the device type using SNMP has been enhanced by including the details of the new device types
  • While you auto-publish the IPAM and Switch Port Mapping results, you will also be able to choose the columns to be published
  • Issue in searching switch details in Switch Port Mapper has been fixed
  • Issue in showing a wrong Port speed in Switch Port Mapper has been fixed
  • Issue in SPM Page width been resolved
  • Issue in scanning subnets has been fixed
  • Issue in viewing the IP history of the subnets by name has been fixed
  • Issue in saving the switch data in Switch Port Mapper tool has been fixed
  • Issue in showing a license exceeded message when the license limit is not reached has been fixed
  • Issue in firebird log file growing beyond the desired size has been fixed
  • Issue in exporting the visible columns from Switch Port Mapper view has been fixed
  • Issue in importing routers from a CSV file has been fixed

Between Build 60048 and 60055

  • When OpManager is running in HTTPs mode, IPAM/SPM Plug-in will automatically use HTTPs
  • To avoid false alerts, MAC Addresses will be validated prior to raising an alert on ARP Spoofing
  • Issue in listing the port details when clicked on Available/Used/Transient port count in Switch Port Mapper has been fixed
  • 'MAC-IP data' is now enhanced, to fetch data from ipNetToMediaTable & ipNetToPhysicalTable
  • Issue in defaulting SNMP version to v1 while modifying a switch in Switch Port Mapper has been fixed
  • You will now be able to view subnets by name or subnet address in IP Address Manager tree view
  • Subnets in IP Address Manager tree view will appear sorted by its name or subnet address
  • You will now be able to move multiple subnets between groups by drag-n-drop using Ctrl or Shift keys to select the subnets
  • Horizontal scroll bars are eliminated with the introduction of auto-scroll on moving the mouse to the right or left of the table in IP Address Manager and Switch Port Mapper tools

Between Build 60040 and 60048

  • Issue in SPM alerting, while no change in the connected devices has been fixed
  • Issue in showing duplicate IP Addresses in the IP Address Manager tool has been fixed
  • IPAM/SPM reports published on a drive other than where OpUtils is installed can also be accessed from the client console
  • Switch and Port details of an IP will be shown even if the state of an IP is down
  • Issue in search box moving out of view has been fixed
  • Issue with the right-click options not being shown on the IPAM tree in the plug-in mode has been fixed
  • Alerts from IP Address Manager, Switch Port Mapper and Rogue Detection tools will also be logged on to your Syslog Server automatically
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