Printer Status Indications

With OpManager, network administrators can now remotely monitor the performance of the printers in their network (with the help of the configured SNMP credentials) and receive alerts based on its health status. Users can automate processes using workflows, receive instant updates via SMS or email by associating notification profiles and integrate several ticketing tools to perform a specified task when an alert is generated.

Listed below are the various printer status indications.

printerState integer Printer status
1 Ready
2 Printing
3 Paper Low
4 Toner Low
5 Door Open
6 Paper Jam
7 Offline
8 Service

The graphical representation of the printer's status can be viewed by selecting the view type as Icon View under Network -> Printerse.

Paper Low

Dor Open

Paper Ready

Paper Jam Status

Printer Status

OIDs to check the printer health:

OpManager queries the below OIDs to monitor the Printer Health Status. In addition, there are exclusive performance monitors bundled with the respective device templates.

OID MIB OID Name Description
. HOST-RESOURCES-MIB hrDeviceStatus The current operational state of the device
. HOST-RESOURCES-MIB hrPrinterStatus The current status of the printer
. HOST-RESOURCES-MIB hrPrinterDetectedErrorState Error conditions detected by the printer
. Printer-MIB prtConsoleDisplayBufferText Content available in the logical display buffer of the printer operator's console.
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