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Important :

We recommend users to move to the latest version OpManager NetFlow Plug-in build #10250. (README) (How do I find my build number?)

Note: Before upgrading your NetFlow plug-in to version 9900/10201, ensure you have OpManager 11200 or above.
Who should upgrade? How to Upgrade
Customers using build  9900 / 10201 Download Upgrade Pack for moving to 10250
Customers using build  9860 / 9861 / 9870 Download Upgrade Pack for moving to 9900
Customers using build 9700 / 9800 Download Upgrade Pack for moving to 9860
Customers using build 9000 Download Upgrade Pack for moving to 9700
Customers using build 8500 Download Upgrade Pack for moving to 9000
Customers using build 8000 Download Upgrade Pack for moving to 8500
Customers using build 7700 / 7701 Download Upgrade Pack for moving to 8000

Instructions to apply the Upgrade Pack

After you have downloaded the service pack, please follow the instructions below to upgrade NetFlow Plug-In

NOTE: You can find the BUILD by clicking on the 'About' link on top of the NetFlow Plug-In GUI.

  1. Shut down OpManager service.
  2. If you have not taken a back up during OpManager upgrade, please copy the MySql folder from < OpManager_Home > directory and data folder from <OpManager_Home/NetFlow> directory to a safe location.
  3. End the processes: Open the Task Manager and make sure the processes 'java.exe' or 'wrapper.exe', 'mysql.exe' of OpManager and the plug-ins (NetFlow, NCM & IPAM) are terminated. If not, terminate the processes.
  4. Backup OpManager folder: Take a copy of '' folder. This step is to back up the product configuration settings and the plug-in data.
  5. Now, execute the UpdateManager.bat file present under the <OpManager_Home/NetFlow/bin> directory.
  6. From the window that pops up, click Browse and select the service pack you downloaded.
  7. Click Install to install the service pack. This may take several minutes depending on the amount of data that needs to be migrated.
  8. Wait until the service pack is fully installed.
  9. Click Close and then click Exit to exit the Update Manager tool.
  10. Start the OpManager service.

How do I find the build number of OpManager NetFlow plug-in?

  1. In the Web Client click the "About" link on top right of NetFlow plug-in GUI
  2. Search for the ‘Build Number’

Need help ?

Want help with upgrading OpManager to the latest version? Contact OpManager Support

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