Network monitoring software for large enterprises

Major highlights of the new Large Enterprise Edition (LEE) are

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OpManager’s large enterprise edition is specially designed to offer a flexible and unified monitoring solution that can scale up to 1,000,000 interfaces/ 50,000 devices from a single enterprise server. Now you can expand your monitoring capabilities as your IT grows without adding additional polling engines. Managing all the resources from a unified monitoring solution helps you gain unmatched visibility into your network performance. This in-turn allows the administrators to spot the network glitches quickly and minimize downtime.

50K devices

Ultra-fast discovery engine

With OpManager’s revamped ultra-fast discovery engine, you can now discover 15,000 interfaces or 5,000 devices in just a minute. This allows large enterprises and service providers to discover and start monitoring their entire IT with OpManager in just a couple of hours instead of days. The new improved network discovery engine is 15x faster than the previous one.

New classy, high-performance & productive UI

A high productive, ultra-fast, responsive, API driven new UI is ready to use. Built completely on a new JavaScript framework powered by ember.js, the new UI offers you 10x more productivity and performance. The new user interface features keyboard shortcuts to accelerate navigation across thousands of alarms and performance graphs as IT teams work to understand the issue and identify where the exact fault is.

Do-IT-Yourself (DIY) model:

OpManager's Large Enterprise Edition differentiates from legacy solutions by adopting the do-it-yourself (DIY) model favored by IT admins running modern data centers. Right from installing the product to running network discovery and deploying it to production, OpManager provides a very simple & user-friendly approach that most admins can easily follow without any training and consultation.

Seamless integration with third party tools:

Most of the large enterprises and service providers are dependent on multiple monitoring solutions to manage their entire IT. So enterprise monitoring software that can offer tight integration with other management tools becomes the need of the hour.

All OpManager editions offer REST APIs for accessing OpManager's data and integrating with other IT management tools. OpManager also integrates with other ManageEngine products such as NetFlow Analyzer, Firewall Analyzer, DeviceExpert, ServiceDesk Plus, Applications Manager to provide a complete IT Management solution.

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  •  Altaleb Alshenqiti - Ministry of National Guard - Health Affairs
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