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The network, server and virtualization monitoring software


Switch to OpManager Enterprise Edition

Your current standalone OpManager Installation has #### Interfaces, which exceeds the scalable limit of 500 servers or 10000 interfaces. Try our Enterprise Edition.

If you are on this page, then your OpManager standalone instance has been overloaded.

OpManager standalone instance scales up–to 10,000 interfaces or 500 servers. To scale to more devices or interfaces, effect the performance tuning tips suggested here. As an alternative, if you are looking at stepping up or growing your network by adding more devices, we suggest that you take a look at OpManager Enterprise Edition. This edition is designed to address scalability needs of large enterprises.

Scale 10x than standalone OpManager using the Enterprise Edition:

OpManager Enterprise Edition is built on Central–Probe architecture with scalability as the main focus. Its major highlights are:

  • Supports 50,000 interfaces or 5000 servers monitoring.
  • Groups devices based on remote sites.
  • Provides site based reports and alerts.
  • No more feature catch-ups! Always in sync with the features, functions, and upgrades offered by OpManager standalone version.

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