Datacenter as the nerve center of today’€™s business

The growth of information centric businesses has put a lot of pressure on Datacenter, which happens to be the nerve center or some even call it as production floors of these businesses. Increasing efforts to meet customer expectations have made these Datacenters as one of the most strategically important business units.

Moving beyond Energy, Cost and IT optimization!

Datacenter is about managing People, Resource and Environment. Datacenter managers need to make informed decisions, as today’€™s Datacenters are hyper-connected and are equipped with devices that are interdependent to each other. This raises a need for holistic management of entire Datacenter without having any silos between IT and Facilities infrastructure that keeps the Datacenter available all the time.

Enter the age of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution.

Data Center Infrastructure Management - DCIM

DCIM allows enterprises to monitor and manage all critical infrastructures (IT and Facilities) from a central location. This ensures that Datacenter teams have a comprehensive visibility into various modules within the datacenter, adding a business context to run these Datacenters efficiently while managing the costs and ensuring the skills of people are effectively utilized.

What does DCIM do?

The value proposition of a unified Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution can be spanned across three verticals:

Why should I choose ManageEngine for DCIM?

ManageEngine IT360 provides a single vendor DCIM solution for comprehensive visibility into managing the entire Datacenter infrastructure ( IT and Facilities ). ManageEngine’€™s DCIM solution extends IT360’s award winning capabilities in IT management to:

  • Manage entire IT asset lifecycle management from an inbuilt CMDB. The Datacenter IT team will no longer have to hop between various tools to monitor and manage their business critical applications.
  • Facilities infrastructure management to collect various data from passive devices that are remotely located using various protocols and sensors.
  • 3-D Visualization enables data center staff to create an exact, three-dimensional replica of their data center infrastructure on screen.
  • Automation allows Datacenter managers to free-up their skilled staffs from daily mundane tasks and reduce human errors to increase efficiency.
  • Better ROI. Building and buying infrastructure for datacenter itself topples the IT budget upside down, why should managing it be equally expensive and complex? ManageEngine, gives a complete solution, which is very competitively priced.

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Achieving unified visibility using DCIM
  • Unifying asset, inventory, and space management
  • Ensuring reliability and high-availability
  • Enhancing IT agility and flexibility
  • Enabling proactive problem detection

Steve Brasen,
Research Director, EMA.

Mr. Sridhar Iyengar,
Vice President,

Achieving unified visibility using DCIM

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ManageEngine IT360 brings two main fields of Datacenter management; IT management and Facilities Infrastructure management onto a unified console/dashboard.

" IT360 allows us to monitor and manage IT assets and associated tickets from a single console, ability to monitor applications with infrastructure
co-relation gives my team a clearer visibility, but something I have noticed very lately is the power of centralized alarm configuration with root cause analysis, that has become the most important feature for us and has made us proactive "

- Mr. Marsorry Ickua,
Director, IT , Bank of Namibia.