Data Center Infrastructure Management

Why DCIM is important?

The performance of a data center relies on various factors – network, server & storage, application, power, temperature, change, facilities, and much more. DCIM helps data center admins to understand the individual and cumulative performance of these factors and take the necessary steps to improve the overall efficiency of the data center.

DCIM helps data center managers/admins to easily:

  • Monitor devices in real-time
  • Gain high fidelity visualization
  • Carry out capacity planning
  • Manage power & energy
  • Manage changes quickly

OpManager – One of the world's most scalable DCIM software

OpManager offers in-depth visibility and control over IT management, energy management & facilities management from a single console. It is one of the world’s most scalable tool that manages a multitude of devices/interfaces from a single installation. It also includes CMDB for asset and change management.

OpManager monitors all the devices such as router, switch, firewall, physical & virtual server, etc. applications and services and provides control over entire IT operations management. It helps you identify the fault across the network, server & storage, application and service layers very quickly and troubleshoot the fault before the end-user gets affected.

OpManager's data center networking capabilities includes a 3D data center builder that helps you visualize your entire data center in a 3D view. With the 3D view you can find out the available free space in a rack as well as in a data center floor. The 3D view is live and shows the health status of the devices in a data center floor, using color codes.

OpManager monitors PDU for the power distributed to a device. Apart from this it also includes options to create a custom monitor for monitoring the power consumed by a device, via SNMP & CLI protocols.

OpManager includes a CMDB plug-in for maintaining a full inventory of the devices available in the data center. It also includes change management, purchase management and contract management for managing the change requests, purchase orders and contracts.

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DCIM Meetup

DCIM Meetups are seminars organized by ManageEngine to educate data center admins on the DCIM best practices. It’s a 3-hour event with free breakfast or lunch and helps you meet peer data center admins in your city. Click here to know where our next meetup is happening and register.

What is DCIM?

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is the paring of IT management, facilities management & energy management together to help data center admins to monitor & manage all IT assets from a centralized location.

Attend our next DCIM Meetup to make new friends and learn the DCIM best practices. You can also win an iPad Air by participating at the event. Register now.
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