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OpManager is a comprehensive, network, server, and virtualization monitoring software that offers advanced fault and performance management functionality across critical IT resources available in-house and in the cloud.

Functions of OPManager

Further OpManager combines an easy-to-use interface that lets you quickly deploy the product for production and also apply your organization's monitoring policies across multiple devices quickly.

How to Install

OpManager on an IBM PureFlex System?

The IBM PureFlex System, in addition to having blade servers, hypervisors and storage devices, also includes a catalog of APPS including the OpManager software. All you have to do is browse the catalog and choose to install OpManager.

How does OpManager help in monitoring?

Once installed, OpManager can monitor the Windows, Linux, and virtual servers and essential applications such as Exchange, MSSQL, and Active Directory running in the IBM Pureflex System.

OpManager monitors the IBM PureFlex System

In addition to monitoring the servers and applications running in the IBM Pureflex System, OpManager also monitors the other network and infrastructure devices available in your LAN or WAN.

How OpManager coupled with IBM Pureflex System increases your IT efficiency?

  • Unlike the traditional legacy systems, OpManager is very easy to deploy and use, and does not need any consultation
  • OpManager includes a highly scalable engine that monitors up to 50,000 interfaces or 5,000 servers
  • OpManager offers support for over 600 device types which helps you start monitoring the devices straightaway
  • OpManager offers comprehensive IT management thereby avoiding the need to deploy other solutions and tools
  • OpManager includes IT workflow automation to automate routine IT tasks
  • OpManager is affordable and offers faster ROI

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