Logging a ticket

ServiceDesk Plus and ServiceNow are tools designed to help reduce downtime of IT services, therefore increasing productivity. They are built to provide quick resolution for critical issues that require immediate attention focussed around end users. By means of integration with ServiceDesk Plus and Service Now, OpManager allows you to improve your productivity.

You can configure OpManager to Log a ticket in ServiceDesk Plus/ServiceNow when an alarm is raised. You can add a Notification Profile to log a ticket based on the type of issue and have an email sent to the concerned technician.

Note: To log a ticket in ServiceDesk Plus/ServiceNow Integrations need to be enabled and configured. Click here to learn how:

Logging a ticket:

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Select Notification Profile type as 'Log a ticket'.
    Note: In the ServiceDesk Plus tab, all the ticket fields will be refreshed every 24 hours. If any change has been made in the mean time, the refresh option on the top right can be used to fetch those changes.
  4. OpManager Log a ticket 1

  5. Select the Category, Sub Category, Item, Priority from the real-time list provided. For example if you want to be notified for network issues, select "Network" under category and the type of network under Sub Category among other examples.
  6. OpManager Log a ticket 2

  7. Select the required group from the drop down and select the Technician accordingly. For example if you want to be notified for Network issues then select "Network" under group and select the respective Technician to whom the ticket should be logged for Network based issues.
  8. Choose Title, Title Variables, Description and Variables according to what you want to be displayed in the alarm title and message.
  9. Click 'Next'.
  10. Browse through the list and select the criteria for which a ticket should be logged. Select all the required criteria and choose the severity at which the ticket should be logged.
  11. OpManager Log a ticket 3

  12. Click 'Next'.
  13. Select the devices for which this profile has to be associated and click 'Next'.
  14. After which, select when you want this profile to be applied, that is, 24x7 or during a specific window.
  15. OpManager Log a ticket 4

  16. Select the time after which the profile is to be triggered. You can also choose for the profile not to be triggered if the alarm is acknowledged.
  17. Choose the recurring trigger interval and number of recurring triggers.
  18. Click 'Next'.
  19. Enter a Profile Name and click Save (you can use the test action option to check if a ticket is being logged before you save).
  20. OpManager Log a ticket 5

A Notification Profile is created and will log a ticket in ServiceDesk Plus/ServiceNow accordingly.

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