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About File Analysis

FileAnalysis is part of DataSecurity Plus, a unified data security platform. This file analysis solution provides deep insights for file security and storage management. Access information on file permissions, disk usage, and storage efficiency through charts as well as predefined and customizable reports.

Using the solution to analyze file metadata for Windows-based environments through visual analytics you can,

Find duplicate files:

Spot and manage redundant copies of files in your storage and ensure optimal utilization of disk space.

Analyze file storage:

Locate stale and non-business files, analyze file storage patterns, view reports on file type distribution, and more.

Spot file security issues:

Check effective permissions; identify files and folders with open access, permission inconsistencies, and more.

Review disk space utilization:

Analyze storage and receive alerts for critically low disk space.

This guide aims to help users install and set up FileAnalysis, and receive analytics on files and folders in their Windows environment.

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