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About File Auditing

DataSecurity Plus' File Auditing is real-time Windows file server auditing and analysis software that monitors, audits, alerts, and reports on all file accesses and modifications made in your file server environment.

Key capabilities

Audit file accesses

Audit file accesses and modifications to track who accessed what file, when, and from where.

Monitor file changes

Track and trigger instant alerts for unusual changes made to your sensitive files.

Audit copy and paste

Track file copy and paste actions across your file servers and to and from workstations.

Audit access rights

Audit NTFS and file share permissions to know who has access to which files and what actions they can perform.

Combat ransomware

Detect and shut down ransomware attacks instantly with an automated threat response mechanism.

Monitor file integrity

Detect and alert on unauthorized changes to critical files through real-time monitoring.

Supported platforms

File auditing enables you to audit and generate alerts based on file-related changes made within your organizational perimeter in real time.

Leverage File Auditing across the supported Windows domain server, workgroup server, file cluster, and NetApp CIFS server.

  • Supported Windows server OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 and above
  • Supported NetApp version: ONTAP 8.3 and above

The DataSecurity Plus agent can only run on a machine with .NET framework version 4 in addition to any of the server OS mentioned above.

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