OpManager 8.0 - Service Pack upgrade:

Since OpManager v8 uses MySQL v5 unlike older OpManager builds that use MySQL4, you will need to download both the PPMs listed below (Mandatory even for customers using MS SQL as backend). Please follow the instructions carefully.

Note: An end of support has been announced for OpManager Version 6.x and Version 7.x.

If you have OpManager with the NetFlow plugin,
please contact opmanager-support@manageengine.com for the upgrade.

Customers using build 7200 & above can upgrade to OpManager v8
MySQL v5 Upgrade Pack: Click here OpManager v8 Upgrade Pack: Click here

Instructions to apply the Upgrade Pack

If you face any trouble during the upgrade process, refer our upgrade troubleshooting guide or call us directly at +1 888 729 9500 (US toll free) or send us an email to "opmanager-support@manageengine.com".

Preliminary Steps:

  1. Shutdown OpManager.
  2. Ensure the current login user has full/admin privilege over <opmanager-home> directory.
  3. If you have deployed any debug patches from the OpManager support or development teams, please rename the same. i.e. if you find any "com" directory under <opmanager-home>\classes directory rename it to "com-old".
  4. Disable any Antivirus running on OpManager server (Because Antivirus' blocks the MySQL v5 installation. You can enable it after the upgrade is completed).
  5. If server OS is non-English, change the Regional Options to English (United States) [Click here for the steps]. You can revert to the Regional setting after the upgrade.
  6. Run the script RepairDB.bat from <opmanager-home>\bin Folder.
  7. Take a backup of <opmanager-home>\conf directory.
  8. Download both MySQL and OpManager upgrade packs from the links provided above.
  9. If you have a Windows installation of OpManager, ensure that the Windows Services UI is not open during upgrade.

Upgrade Steps:

  1. Run the script 'UpdateManager.bat' (UpdateManager.sh for Linux) in the <opmanager-home>\bin folder. This opens the Update Manager tool.
  2. Click "Browse" to select the MySQLv5 upgrade pack file (the .ppm file that you have downloaded) and click "Install".
  3. As soon as the installation is completed, Click "Browse" to select the OpManagerv8 upgrade pack file and click "Install".
  4. Close the window after the upgrade is complete and start OpManager.

Upgrade Troubleshooting guide:

  1. Changing the Regional Options to English (United States) for Windows :
    Click on Start --> Control Panels --> Regional And Language Options --> Change the Regional Options as English (United States) --> Click Apply and OK button. (Ensure that the Language is changed to English (United States) by checking in the task bar).
  2. If the upgrade process hangs in-between or if you get "Unable to start MySQL server" error. Please contact support.
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