Welcome to DataSecurity Plus

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus is an agent-based, real-time file auditing and reporting software that delivers complete visibility into everything happening in your Windows file server environment. Using DataSecurity Plus, know the "who, what, where and when" behind every access event and also perform storage analysis. Thereby, improve your organizations Windows file server data security and information management, in a simple yet efficient and cost effective way.

Key Features and their Associated Benefits

  1. Real-time- Stay 'in the loop' always with respect to any file/folder related events, for a more proactive approach towards file server auditing.

  2. Access Audit and Access Analysis reports- Keep track of all file/folder change as well as access events.

  3. Storage Analysis reports- Isolate files based on file attributes and get graphical insights into how disk space is being utilized.

  4. Pre-configured reports with schedules that can be set up, to run as well as e-mail selected reports automatically at specified time intervals- Get detailed forensics in intuitively understandable formats automatically.

  5. Threshold based alerts, on-screen and through instant emails- Reduce incident response times while dealing with critical cases.

  6. Web-based access- Access even while you're not on site, using a web browser.

  7. Ease of use - Make it easier for your IT admins as well as non-admin users to put the tool to its complete usage.

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