Known Error Solution Database

'An unknown error has occured' / 'Error Code: 800706be' .... is a frustrating occurance! The known error handlers with solutions are documented below to help you have the product up and running in the quickest time possible.

Error Code

System Message




Access is denied

Not enough user credentials provided to collect audit data.

Privileges required for Collecting audit data


WMI Quota violation / Memory leak.

WMI is taking up too much memory.

Native Mode for event collection is recommended to overcome errors while collecting event log data using WMI service. Also, sometimes the error normally gets fixed in the next event collection itself.


The RPC server is unavailable.

The temporary inability of the software (Server Down/Not Reachable/Busy) to connect to the Domain Controller/File Server.

Please ensure, these ports are not blocked by any firewall (Interrupting the communication between DataSecurity plus & Servers).

* Port "389" to communicate with the LDAP Protocol.
Port "135" to communicate with RPC.
* Port "445" and "135" to communicate with NetBIOS Session Service.

Also, some Dynamic ports are to be opened. To accomplish that you can download a free tool from ADManager Plus from the link and install it.

1) Run the tool and select DMZ PORT ANALYZER.
2)  Enter the IP address of the Domain Controller for which you are receiving the error message.
3) A list will display the Dynamic port number to be opened.


Authentication Error

When, DataSecurity Plus is unable to contact the Domain Controller.


Please try to connect/ping all the Domain Controllers listed under "Domain Settings" link from the computer where the product is installed.

If you are able to ping all the Domain Controllers, please Contact Support.



The server is not operational.

Database Growth

Unexplained Database Growth.

Schedule Archive Events

Exclude Configuration: Exclude User Accounts, File types and processes