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Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

This page lists some of the routine Active Directory management and reporting tasks along with the steps to execute them using ADManager Plus. These articles will help you resolve some of the common issues that you might face when using this tool. If you don't find the answers to your queries here, write to us and our support team will get in touch with you right away.

How To
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User Management

  1. How to create Home folders for user accounts?
  2. Move Home Folders
  3. How to Append numbers to logon names in case of duplicates?
  4. How to find users who are not member of any group except Primary Group?
  5. How to set different managers for different users in bulk?
  6. How to isolate users and move them to another container (OU)?
  7. How to find the Distinguished Name of your users?
  8. How to add multiple email addresses to user accounts in bulk?

Active Directory Reporting

  1. How to stop the default schedulers?
  2. Change description of reports while exporting
  3. Single User Modification from user reports

ADManager Plus Administration

  1. How to change the port number of ADManager Plus?
  2. How to install and uninstall ADManager Plus as a Windows service?
  3. How to start / stop ADManager Plus when it is installed as an application (not as a service)?
  4. How to check the current Build Number and Architecture (32/64 bit) of ADManager Plus?
  5. How to apply the service pack to upgrade ADManager Plus?
  6. How to apply the license in ADManager Plus?
  7. How to move ADManager Plus to a new server?
  8. How to move ADManager Plus to a new folder?
  9. How to synchronise ADManager Plus with Active Directory?

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