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Azure Monitoring

Out-of-the-box monitoring for your Azure applications and infrastructure.

Since Microsoft Azure is a sophisticated cloud service, understanding and ensuring the health and performance of the applications running on it can be challenging. This necessitates the use of Azure monitoring tools. Applications Manager's Azure monitoring tool helps you keep your services up and running by collecting, analyzing and acting on the telemetry from your cloud and on-premises environments. It provides deep visibility into your applications and helps you identify and resolve issues affecting them, in order to maintain optimal performance.

Monitor Azure metrics with Applications Manager

Applications Manager gives you rich, actionable insights into your Azure environment. It helps you proactively monitor Azure KPIs that are vital to your applications by fetching the stats real time and aggregating them for historical analysis; and also employs machine learning techniques to forecast growth and usage.

Resolve issues faster and easier with the assistance of root cause analyzer which pinpoints the source of faults accurately. Respond to critical events quickly by sending a text or an email to an administrator responsible for investigating an issue or initiating an automated process to rectify an error condition. With Applications Manager's Azure monitoring service, you could even use it to auto-scale your cloud resources based on the load of the system, giving you the flexible just-in-time compute when you need it. Keep your costs down by removing resources that are sitting idle. Automate tasks using web hooks to start external actions or to even integrate with your ITSM tools such as ServiceNow. You can also prevent unnecessary oversight by configuring baselines for acceptable performance with our fault management system.

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Keep track of VMs running in your cloud.

Your Azure environment can support a wide range of virtual machines. Azure VM's metrics are critical stats that can cause a decline in the health of your applications, if not monitored. Improper resource utilization can damage your operations. Applications Manager's Azure performance monitoring tool collects metrics related to memory, disk, and CPU to help monitor Azure's resource utilization and ensure proper provisioning of resources. Prevent downtime and increased latency by keeping an eye on network traffic with detailed information about connections, threads and processes.

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Azure Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Ensure availability of your Azure databases

Applications Manager's Azure monitoring tool monitors the performance of Azure SQL database tracking key performance indicators and query statistics, and also notifies users about the events and outages occurring in their system. Get extensive information about the SQL queries like CPU usage, I/O stats, and CLR stats. You can identify CPU, time and I/O intensive, blocked, and frequently executed queries easily, which is critical to ensure the availability and performance of your databases.

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Azure Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Get deep visibility into your storage accounts

Track key parameters of the Azure storage accounts within your subscription such as blobs, tables, files, and queues. Applications Manager's Microsoft Azure monitoring software provides thorough information regarding the aforementioned components' capacity, throughput, and latency. You can track request stats such as successful requests, requests failed due to authorization errors, network errors, throttling errors, timeout errors, other client errors, and other server errors which are represented in both graphical and numerical formats on the dashboard.

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Azure Monitoring Solutions - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Efficiently manage your Service Bus queues.

With Applications Manager's Azure monitoring solution you can effectively and efficiently ensure smooth operation of your business by tracking connections and resource usage, locating errors, automating corrective measures and managing your queues, requests and messages wisely. Assess performance trends in order to gain insights into your Azure Service Bus performance. Monitor cardinal parameters such as health, throttled requests, user errors, server errors, and queue status.

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Azure Monitor Dashboard - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Applications Manager also offers monitoring for the following cloud technologies:

Applications Manager gives you full stack visibility from the app all the way down to the infrastructure. It enables you to build Azure monitoring dashboards that helps you aggregate and monitor Azure application, performance, and infrastructure metrics in a single place. To experience Applications Manager's Azure performance monitor in action firsthand, download our 30-day free trial, or schedule a personalized demo for a guided tour.


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