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Tomcat Monitoring

Monitoring the performance of multiple Apache Tomcat servers can be a huge challenge, especially in a large, distributed environment. Tomcat monitoring software can help overcome this challenge by providing in-depth visibility into the performance, availability, and usage of Tomcat servers. Also, while most Apache Tomcat monitoring tools generate notifications in case of performance issues, an ideal Tomcat monitoring tool will not only alert you, but will also provide comprehensive insight into the root cause of the issues, and helps you to resolve them quickly.

Among the multitude of Tomcat monitoring tools available today, Applications Manager is the ideal Tomcat server monitoring software preferred by thousands of IT admins across the globe for its ease of use, robust monitoring capabilities, and affordable pricing. Unlike most Tomcat management tools which offer only health and availability stats for your database, Applications Manager's Tomcat Monitor provides in-depth Tomcat performance monitoring with numerous performance metrics and triggers notifications in case of downtimes.

Monitor Apache Tomcat 24/7 with deep insights.

Monitor Tomcat server performance and ensure optimal resource allocation by measuring CPU, memory, and JVM usage, as well as response time. Keep track of application performance using critical application performance parameters, such as live sessions of web applications, JDBC connection pools, and thread pools, with the aid of Applications Manager's Apache Tomcat Monitoring.

Tomcat Monitoring Tools
Apache Tomcat Monitoring
Tomcat Memory Management Tool

Monitor Tomcat memory usage with Apache Tomcat performance monitoring.

Applications Manager's Tomcat Monitoring allows you to monitor Tomcat memory usage, detect memory leaks, and tackle performance issues by triggering garbage collection and taking a heap dump; so the applications team can resolve the issues permanently. The Tomcat monitor lets you automate actions such as thread or heap dump generation and garbage collection to reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot. This way, you can avoid costly downtime in production or delays in deployment schedules.

Monitor Tomcat Memory Usage

Fine-tune JDBC pools for the best performance with Tomcat monitoring.

Increase your Tomcat server's load handling capacity and boost its performance by properly tuning its JDBC connection pool settings. Avoid timeouts, maximize throughput on hardware, and reduce the garbage collection load. Reduce the time it takes to load frequently used objects, thus reducing unnecessary overheads.

Tomcat Performance Monitoring

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View thread usage stats with our Tomcat thread pool monitor.

Monitor Tomcat server performance by keeping track of thread pool utilization stats from the Tomcat thread pool monitor tab, to prevent deadlocks and thread pool exhaustion. With Applications Manager's Tomcat server monitoring capabilities, you can also automate and schedule thread dumps to identify problematic code associated with that thread.

Tomcat Thread Pool Monitoring

Monitor the end-user experience of applications deployed on Tomcat.

Go beyond normal Apache Tomcat monitoring with Applications Manager's APM Insight . Capture web transactions with a breakdown that shows the transaction element, and generate traces for transactions that breach configured thresholds. Monitor the JVM details of your Tomcat server, capture error traces, and identify the SQL statements contributing to a slow response time. View your application's Apdex score for insight into customer satisfaction.

Monitoring Tomcat Server using MangeEngine Application Manager
Tomcat Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Track the status of web applications hosted on your Tomcat server.

Monitor the status of web applications hosted on your Tomcat server to detect performance issues. Important metrics like the number of active sessions and the average response time of an application are captured to give you quick insight into the web application side of things along with Tomcat server performance parameters.

Monitor Apache Tomcat Performance

Intelligent reports and customizable dashboards.

Complete your Tomcat monitoring goals with analytics that complement your performance insights. Generate attribute-wise performance reports to measure server performance over time, and predict future growth and utilization trends with machine learning-powered performance forecasting.

Apache Tomcat Dashboards & Reports

If you're looking for a Tomcat monitoring software, Applications Manager can meet your IT requirements. With a powerful, integrated console for monitoring, alerting, and application analytics, Applications Manager is the ideal solution for Apache Tomcat monitoring. It lets you monitor Apache Tomcat and maximizes application performance and provides insights for faster troubleshooting, which is crucial for delivering uninterrupted services to end users, making it the best Tomcat monitoring tool available today.

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