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Postgresql Monitoring Tools

PostgreSQL Monitoring

PostgreSQL is a highly extensible and scalable relational database which can accommodate several concurrent users. Because of its sophisticated design, it doesn't require much effort for the upkeep of the server. However, for high profile installations, where high performance and continuous availability are a necessity, PostgreSQL monitoring is indispensable. Applications Manager's Postgres monitoring tool helps database administrators by proactively keeping track of critical performance metrics for ensuring constant uptime and increased efficiency of their database system.

Performance metrics tracked with PostgreSQL monitoring:

  • Connection statistics
  • Lock statistics
  • Buffer statistics
  • Disk usage details
  • Index scan details
  • Query statistics
  • Transaction details
  • Table scan details

To learn more about how Applications Manager tracks each of these performance metrics, visit our PostgreSQL performance monitoring page.

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Capabilities of Applications Manager's PostgreSQL monitoring tool

Track and analyze slow database performance

Take a deep dive into all the database operations that run on your server with best in-class PostgreSQL Monitoring tools. With Applications Manager's Postgres monitoring tool, track slow database performance by monitoring the number of active connections with the database. While most PostgreSQL performance monitoring tools monitor the overall database health and availability by executing remote scripts, Applications Manager PostgreSQL monitoring tool offers in-depth Postgres monitoring by collecting metrics such as idle locks that are responsible for the long waits, slow queries, disk and buffer stats such as cache hit ratio, disk usage, buffer reads/min, etc.

Postgresql Monitoring - ManageEngine Application Manager
PostgreSQL Database Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Resolve database performance issues faster

With Applications Manager PostgreSQL health monitoring tool, set dynamic baselines to detect anomalies in database performance that can cause gradual performance degradation and unexpected downtimes. Configure thresholds for critical performance parameters and trigger instant notifications in case of bottlenecks. Resolve issues faster with root cause analysis that drills down to the source of the problem and ensure issues don't reappear for all round PostgreSQL monitoring.

PostgreSQL Monitoring Monitoring Metrics - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Visit our page on PostgreSQL server performance tuning where you can get detailed information about the different performance configurations within your Postgres database server along with recommendations for tuning.

Monitor PostgreSQL queries using Database Query Monitoring

Queries are the best way to find out whether your database is up and running 24x7. Since databases run innumerable queries in their day to day operations, as part of your Postgres database monitoring plans, it is ideal to selectively monitor Postgres queries that are critical to measure the database activity and health. Applications Manager PostgreSQL monitoring system gives you the means to add these important queries in the console and monitor the performance statistics of these queries by collecting metrics such as query status, last run time, execution time, etc. These queries can be associated to user-defined thresholds, violation of which triggers an instant alert notifications. Monitoring PostgreSQL queries is especially useful in identifying performance bottlenecks in networks which are connected to several databases and resolving it by deducing the exact location of the issues in the databases.

To know more, visit our page on Database Query Monitoring.

Analyze performance with comprehensive reports

Applications Manager PostgreSQL monitoring software is among the best PostgreSQL monitoring tools not just for keeping track of crucial parameters but also for analyzing components within the database system to deliver detailed reports. View attribute-wise historical performance report of your database and analyse the performance trends of your database parameters. Unlike other PostgreSQL monitoring tools, Applications Manager enables you to predict future growth and utilization trends of your databases and make informed decisions regarding load distribution and capacity planning.

PostgreSQL Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

PostgreSQL Monitoring Solution - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Other database servers monitored by Applications Manager

In addition to PostgreSQL monitoring, Applications Manager's database monitoring capability makes it possible to monitor other database servers like:

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