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OpenStack Monitoring

OpenStack Monitoring

OpenStack is an open-source cloud operating system that controls large pools of computing, storage, and networking resources, providing a framework to create and manage both public cloud and private cloud infrastructures. OpenStack is an Infrastructre as a Service (IaaS) platform, wherein virtual servers and other resources are made available to customers in their own business cloud infrastructure.

Business that rely on OpenStack deployments for business-critical operations need a proper Openstack monitoring tool that can monitor all the necessary performance parameters and raise red flags in case of downtimes.

Openstack monitoring with Applications Manager allows administrators to monitor the performance and availability of their entire OpenStack environment. Keep an eye on all OpenStack instances and receive instant alerts about performance issues. Comprehensive monitoring, root cause analysis, and an advanced analytics module are just some of the features that make Applications Manager one of the most highly recommended Openstack monitoring tools among IT admins worldwide.

Monitor the overall performance of your Openstack application.

Using Applications Manager to monitor OpenStack ensures all the necessary information about your OpenStack deployment including its performance, health, and availability stats are always at your disposal. Get instant alerts when there are problems with the performance of your OpenStack server and take timely corrective actions. Configure dynamic baselines to detect gradual performance degradation and make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and capacity planning.

OpenStack Monitoring

Know the status of all instances in OpenStack.

Thousands of instances run under various images at an enterprise level in a cloud environment, highlighting the need for an Openstack monitoring tool to monitor individual instance details. View the status of various instances whether they are active, paused, shutoff, etc., and configure individual alerts for each instance.

OpenStack Monitoring

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Track usage stats of images running in OpenStack.

Applications Manager's Openstack monitoring capabilities shows the details of all images in an OpenStack environment along with the images' statuses, sizes, and visibility. You can also view details of various disk format types being used by those images, and make sure all business-critical performance parameters are available for easy access and analysis.

OpenStack Monitoring

Keep track of the health of core OpenStack services.

Get useful information about the stats of all the services running within the OpenStack architecture, such as the name of the service along with its type, endpoint URLs to access the service, and the current availability status of their components. The services that can be monitored include compute (Nova), identify service (Keystone), image service (Glance), networking (Neutron), as well as meta-services like Ceilometer, CloudKitty, etc. You can also enable, disable, or delete these services within the monitoring window from the Applications Manager console.

OpenStack Monitoring

Applications Manager offers in depth monitoring for a wide range of business technologies, including Openstack. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up; is very lightweight and easy to use; and offers comprehensive monitoring, alerting, and analytical capabilities, making it one of the most highly-preferred Openstack monitoring tools among IT admins across the world.

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