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Redis Monitoring Tool

Redis Monitoring

Redis is a NoSQL database system that is predominantly known for its speed, performance, and flexible data structures. Redis excels in many areas, including caching, session management, gaming, leaderboards, real-time analytics, geo spatial, ride-hailing, chat/messaging, media streaming, and pub/sub applications. The Redis dataset is stored entirely in memory, which contributes to its sub-millisecond response times; however, this also necessitates Redis monitoring.

The best way to ensure your Redis system is healthy and stable is to set up a comprehensive Redis monitoring tool to provide meaningful monitoring of all Redis performance metrics and swift alerting services. Applications Manager's Redis monitor is one of the few Redis monitoring tools that not only enables you to monitor Redis performance metrics, but also the system it's hosted on.

Monitor Redis performance parameters with Redis performance monitoring tool.

Since Redis is a database management system that relies on main memory for data storage, the most important metrics to look out for are the memory stats, i.e. used memory, memory fragmentation ratio, cache hit ratio, evicted key stats, and blocked clients. Applications Manager Redis monitor provides information about all of your databases' memory stats as well as overall system infrastructure health.

Another crucial metric that needs to be constantly monitored is network traffic. An unexplained change in the number of connections could be the result of broken connections between the application and the data source. With Applications Manager's extensive Redis monitoring capabilities, you can monitor network parameters like the number of connected and blocked clients, rejected connections, and connection stats (number of concurrent connections).

Redis Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

With insightful Redis monitoring tools like Applications Manager's Redis monitor, you can make sure the latency always stays low by monitoring the connected slaves. Monitoring the persistence of the Redis dataset is crucial because if any Redis instance crashes or if there's a problem with the machine, in-memory dataset loss can occur. Applications Manager's Redis monitor provides the status of the last RDB save operation, AOF rewrite operation, etc., and alerts the user before critical data loss.

Redis Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Application Manager
Redis Performance Metrics - ManageEngine Application Manager

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Quickly troubleshoot issues before they affect the workflow.

Applications Manager's Redis management software provides a best-in-class fault management system that helps you to identify the source of faults and easily troubleshoot them using the Root Cause Analyzer. Go beyond conventional monitoring and set up thresholds and34anomaly profiles to identify gradual performance degradations and predict the likelihood of fault occurence. Additionally, you can run your own custom troubleshooting scripts with the help of built-in, automated actions.

Analyze performance trends with data-rich reports.

Applications Manager's Redis performance monitoring tool aggregates key metrics and helps you visualize them through extensive reports. With the Trend Analysis reports, you can analyze the performance trends of various metrics. Access reports for all attributes, along with their historical trends, and compare the attribute reports of various databases. Applications Manager Redis management software also uses machine learning techniques to predict growth trends and the utilization of Redis databases to help you make informed decisions while allocating resources.

Monitoring Redis Performance - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Monitor Redis - ManageEngine Application Manager

In addition to Redis monitor, Applications Manager supports monitoring for a number of NoSQL databases, including:

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