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    Applications Manager will soon introduce monitoring for SAP MaxDB, so you can have your SAP apps perform optimally while your DB's performance is taken care of by Applications Manager.
  • Amazon Dynamo
    Discover Dynamo DB tables and monitor crucial metrics like latency, throttled requests, errors, consumed capacity etc. Identify bottlenecks instantly and troubleshoot in no time!
  • Azure SQL
    Accelerate app development and be more productive with the Azure SQL DB, while Applications Manager takes care of its performance and issues.
  • Dynamics 365
    Track your Dynamics 365 metrics to ensure the performances of your unified services (CRM, ERP etc.) are always at their maximum.
  • Oracle VMs
    Monitor multiple VMs running on a single Oracle server, correlate the performance of applications and rapidly identify and eliminate bottlenecks to ensure maximum efficiency.

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Recent Releases

  • IBM DB2 for I Monitoring

    Tune your IBM DB2 database server, ensure the availability and performance of your production databases, and gathering operating system level data to understand performance issues.

  • ManageEngine ADManager Plus Monitoring

    Get critical information (like CPU and memory usage, thread count and PGSQL / MSSQL database details) essential to track the performance of ADManager Plus.

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