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Microsoft Office 365 monitoring

Office 365 monitoring

If you are an active user of Microsoft's productivity suite Office 365, it is only fitting that you ensure all your web services are performing at their best and consequently, delivering a smooth and error-free experience.

To help you achieve this, Applications Manager has amongst its wide range of servers, the ability to monitor your Office 365 account and the services it offers.

Note: Exchange online, Sharepoint online and Skype for Business are the services currently supported in Applications Manager. Support for other Office-365 services is under way.

Check overall cloud health from the Office 365 overview tab

Take a quick look at the overall status of your Office 365 account, including the availability and performance history as well as, license details, service health and the status of its endpoints.

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Tracking key metrics of your Office 365 services:

Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online or Skype for Business Online, Applications Manager retrieves critical metrics for these services to help understand their performance and identify as well as troubleshoot common issues.

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While you can see the status of service level features and the tenants affected within each respective service and monitor the TCP connectivity for the their respective endpoints (whether the endpoint is UP or DOWN ) along with their response times, you can also monitor service-specific metrics such as:

  • Top mailboxes by size as well as mailboxes that have been inactive for over 30 days in your Exchange Online server.


  • Sites usage statistics , status and Application errors in your Sharepoint Online server.
  • Top 10 sessions by call duration in your Skype for Business Online server allowing administrators to figure out the top skype users based on call duration on IM, audio/ video calls, conferencing, etc.
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Fixing performance issues faster

Applications Manager enables admins to configure attribute level alarms for all supported services of your Office 365 suite. Configure alarms that trigger automated corrective actions in case of downtimes and always stay a step ahead of any potential performance threats.

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