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Office 365 Performance Monitoring

Microsoft 365 Monitoring (Formerly Office 365)

Office 365 is a line of subscription services offered by Microsoft. If you are an active user of Microsoft's Office 365 applications, it is only fitting that you ensure that all your services are performing their best, thereby delivering a smooth and error-free experience. Office 365 monitoring tools help you with the upkeep of your applications and ensure a seamless performance.

ManageEngine Applications Manager's Microsoft Office 365 Monitoring software:

With our comprehensive Office 365 monitoring software, proactively monitor Office 365 performance, diagnose the root cause of performance issues, and troubleshoot them quickly. Monitoring Office 365 with our tool will help you ensure optimal Office 365 application management by:

Note: Exchange online, Sharepoint online, and Skype for Business are the services currently supported in Applications Manager's Microsoft Office 365 monitoring tool. Support for other Office-365 services is under way.

Keep tabs on the overall health and performance.

With our Microsoft 365 perforamance monitoring tool, get granular visibility into the health of every component of your Office 365 infrastructure including license details, service health, endpoint status, etc. Leverage our Office 365 monitoring tool to keep tab of services such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Skype for business online, etc.

Microsoft 365 Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Microsoft 365 Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Comprehensively monitor your Exchange online servers.

Exchange server monitoring will give you a holistic view into your organization's Office 365 email usage. Our Office 365 monitoring capabilities will help you:

  • Track key components like active/inactive mailbox count, affected tenant count, etc.
  • Ensure appropriate resource provisioning by keeping tab of inactive/archived mailboxes.
  • Configure Exchange online migration endpoints and synchronize mailboxes with ease.
Microsoft 365 Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Microsoft 365 Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Track critical SharePoint metrics on the Microsoft 365 monitoring dashboard.

  • Monitor SharePoint KPIs such as service status, free storage, website count, lock state, etc.
  • Get detailed reports on resource usage and allocate resources appropriately.
Monitor Microsoft 365 - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Microsoft 365 Monitoring Dashboard - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Ensure optimal communication with Skype for business online.

Keep tabs on all the services and their usage metrics with the help of comprehensive reports.

Office 365 Skype for Business Monitoring - ManageEngine Application Manager

Find and fix performance issues quickly.

Applications Manager's Microsoft 365 monitoring software will help you identify the root cause of issues and troubleshoot issues quickly. Configure alarms that trigger automated corrective actions in case of downtimes and always stay a step ahead of any potential performance threats.

Monitor Office 365 performance easily with the help of our comprehensive Microsoft 365 monitoring tool. Start your 30-day free trial today!


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