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Microsoft IIS Monitoring

Microsoft IIS is a web server designed for Windows Server, primarily used for hosting websites and files on the internet. You can ensure the availability and maintain optimal performance of your IIS web server with comprehensive Microsoft IIS performance monitoring tools. With Applications Manager's Microsoft IIS monitor, you can visualize the key metrics viz. the parameters related to the web server, Application Pools,and websites hosted on the IIS server, and resolve performance problems before they affect end users.

Ensure your IIS Application Pools are running.

When the IIS application pool is stopped due to fatal application errors, bad configurations or other problems, the application stops working. Applications Manager's IIS monitoring tool provides you actionable insights on how the application pools are performing. It helps you understand the availability and health status of the different application pools in the IIS server. You can quickly get alerted If the application pools are consistently using a high percentage of CPU and memory. You can also identify the top worker processes which cause resource contentment issues and delete orphaned application pools.

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Microsoft IIS Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Track your IIS websites.

Ensuring the availability and health of the various websites hosted on the IIS web server is critical to deliver a good user experience. Applications Manager's Microsoft IIS performance monitoring tool helps you deliver a superior user experience by keeping tabs on the key website stats like availability, response time, bytes and files transfer rate, connection statistics, and many more.

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Monitor IIS Server - ManageEngine Applications Manager
IIS Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager
IIS Server Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor IIS Server Response Time.

Slower response times causes user experience issues with websites hosted on IIS. The slower response times can be caused by anything such as high memory consumption, inadequate system resources, application pool recycling causing a recompile, issues with the web application or a third-party service. Applications Manager's IIS server monitoring tool helps you become aware of slow response times of the IIS server and take steps to improve it.

Microsoft IIS Performance Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Enhance IIS monitoring with .NET application monitoring.

Get visibility into key performance indicators of your business-critical .NET application - from the CLR performance to slow SQL queries. Attain deep code-level visibility and pinpoint the root cause of application issues in production.

Microsoft IIS Performance Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Fix performance issues faster.

Applications Manager's Microsoft IIS performance monitor offers a robust fault management system to help you resolve issues faster and easier. Easily pinpoint the source of the errors with root cause analyzer. Besides this, you can also set up thresholds and anomaly profiles to recognize performance degradation. You can establish the baseline values as a percentage of a fixed baseline value, or opt for "Dynamic Baselining" where the data will be compared with the previous week. You can associate alerts and automated actions such as SMS/email alerts, and webhook actions to the thresholds to be sent and performed when the values deviate from ideal behavior.

Monitor Microsoft IIS Performance - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Anticipate future needs.

Applications Manager offers a variety of reports to help you understand IIS web server's performance and forecast usage. Analyze the historical data of various metrics over a period of time with Trend Analysis reports. Make informed decisions regarding your resources with the help of forecast reports. These reports employ machine learning techniques to predict growth and utilization trends for up to three years in the future.

Microsoft IIS Web Server Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Track SSL Certificate Expiry.

Applications Manager can also help you your website's SSL certificate expiry dates. You will be notified when the SSL certificates are about to expire and you can take steps to manage them.

Wholesome Windows Monitoring.

In addition to monitoring Microsoft IIS metrics, you can use Applications Manager to monitor the health and performance of your Windows Servers, SQL servers, Exchange, and Active directory environment.

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