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IBM i Monitoring

The AS/400 series, now known as IBM i, is a family of mid-sized computer systems that allow a single computer to interact with more than one user concurrently. As the IBM i architecture is used for mission-critical tasks particularly in industries that require extreme reliability, such as manufacturing, it is imperative to monitor and manage your IBM i servers.

The architecture of the AS400 iSeries server is pretty complex and monitoring it can be cumbersome. ManageEngine Applications Manager provides proactive AS400 monitoring that can help ensure high availability and improve performance of the server.

Ensure optimal performance of IBM i Servers

When it comes to IBM iseries monitoring, there are numerous crucial metrics that you need visibility over, to effectively manage your server. Our comprehensive IBM AS400 monitoring solution allows you to:

  • Become aware of system availability and performance. At a single glance, get to know about the server's availability and performance. In case the server is down, perform root cause analysis to find and fix issues before it affects the end users.
  • Keep tabs on ASP Usage. Auxiliary Storage Pool is the amount of hard disk capacity available in your server. If this value is high, you may need to look for runaway jobs that are filling up storage. Monitoring system ASP usage can help avoid unnecessary server crashes.
  • Track your addresses. Permanent and Temporary addresses in your server refer to the possible system addresses created for permanent and temporary objects in your IBM i. If the values of these metrics change, they may cause rapid changes in the creation or destruction of objects in your server effectively aiding performance degradation.
AS400 Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Track pools in your server

Applications Manager's AS400 monitoring tool allows you to monitor IBM i (formerly AS400/ iSeries) servers with ease and gives you comprehensive visibility into pools in the database. Pool size is the amount of working system memory assigned to the pool. Make educated decisions about the size of the pool to improve system performance by avoiding imminent problems such as Thrashing.

AS400 Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Faults are important indicators of a server's performance. If the fault rate is high, you may need to adjust your pool size and check your hardware for issues.

IBM i Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Manage your jobs and subsystems better

With Applications Manager's IBM i monitoring tool, get insights about the jobs running in your system-their status, the user, the CPU time, etc. With this information, identify long-running batch jobs, excessive number of jobs in job queues, and jobs that should be running but aren't, and take necessary actions to effectively improve server performance.

Learn more about monitoring jobs.

IBM iSeries Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

With Applications Manager's IBM i system monitor, you can also become aware of the increasing load on your subsystems to avoid slow work performance in your server.

Learn more about monitoring subsystems.

AS400 iSeries Server Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor Messages and History Logs

IBM i server has a System operator queue that receives and replies to messages from the system. When a system issue occurs, the server issues a message to the QSYSOPR message queue. With Applications Manager's IBM iSeries monitoring, you can become aware of inquiry messages that expect a reply and handle them accordingly.

Learn more about monitoring messages.

AS400 iSeries Server Performance Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Under some circumstances, the server writes a system problem report to the problem log/history log. You can identify these problems with our AS400 monitoring tool and attend to them to avoid their recurrence.

Learn more about monitoring history logs.

IBM iSeries Monitoring AS400 - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor Queues

Queues in IBM i system receive requests that need to be processed and send messages that result from processing the requests. The messages are sent back to the requester. Applications Manager's IBM i performance monitoring enables you to manage pre-defined system library data queues and objects. If you find an increased number of jobs in the queues, it might indicate that the jobs are caught behind a long-running batch job that you may need to remove to improve the responsiveness of the server.

Learn more about monitoring queues.

IBM i Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor critical device metrics

Applications Manager's iSeries performance monitoring capabilities include tracking various device metrics of the IBM i server:

  • The 'Printer' tab monitors the printer devices connected to the server and details about the jobs that it is executing.
  • IBM i Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager

  • The 'Disk' tab gives an overview of disk usage and helps you become aware of increased disk utilization. In that case, you may need to identify if an interactive or batch job is looping and filling up disk space with excessive file records or spooled files and remove it to avoid storage overflow.
  • IBM AS400 Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

  • The 'Spool' tab keeps a record of all the spooled files and their status to keep track of the jobs and output queues.
  • IBM i Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Perform operations with Admin tab

Applications Manager's IBM iSeries monitoring tool enables you to perform various admin operations. Edit various values of IBM i server and get details about specific jobs by accessing the job log and get insights about the user by querying it in a non-interactive command shell.

IBM iSeries Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Interpret performance trends with smart reports

Applications Manager's IBM i server monitoring tool comes with a dynamic reporting feature that supports both numerical and graphical representations of key attributes. You can monitor your IBM i server performance and make learned decisions regarding your server using trend analysis, forecast and inventory reports!

Start monitoring your IBM i server in just minutes!

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