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IBM AS/400 and System i Monitoring

  • Want to ensure high performance of AS400 / System i server?
  • Need a trend analysis report for capacity planning?

ManageEngine® Applications Manager's IBM AS400/System i monitor enables you to manage and monitor your AS400 server's availability and performance through an integrated web console.

AS400/System i Monitoring
AS400/System i
AS400/System i
AS400/System i

Monitoring Capabilities

Following is the list of critical performance metrics monitored by Applications Manager of AS400/System i server in real-time.

Status Some of the key metrics such as number of users logging in, number of active jobs, number of jobs in message wait and ASP percentage, monitored through Applications Manager helps you to monitor and control overall system performance.
Pool Allows you to monitor various pool sizes in addition to monitoring of DB and Non-DB faults, DB and Non-DB pages.
Jobs Applications Manager allows you to monitor and control the various jobs running in AS400 server. You can also configure alarms for these jobs and ensure high uptime.
Messages Through integrated web console, Applications Manager allows the user to control system operator message queue (QSYSOPR) and allows user to configure alarms for various severity types. You can also clear QSYSOPR through Applications Manager.
Spool Applications Manager captures the various output of spool file and displays it under Spool tab. You can view these output and take necessary action to rectify any performance related issue.
Printer Allows you to monitor various printer devices connected to your AS400 server and helps you to identify and troubleshoot any device which experiences any critical failure quickly.
Disk With the ability to create several partitions in AS400 server, Applications Manager allows you to monitor these partitions with in-depth details such as block read, block write, disk capacity, drive availability and unit status. It also allows you to to configure alarms for various disk partitions and alarms you at the first instance of threshold being breached.
Problem Applications Manager monitors and displays any critical issue that may arise either due to hardware conflict or due to software issue. This allows the user to quickly rectify the issue before it affects the overall performance of the server.
Subsystem It allows you to monitor, control and configure alarms for various subsystems available in AS400 server.
History Log Applications Manager will help monitor the history log contents such as messages related to system failure, security vulnerabilities, warning messages which are dumped in QHST and thus aids in tracking the system activities.
Admin It provides the ability to manage the AS400/System i server through Non-interactive command console available under Admin tab. In addition, it allows you to edit various system values available in AS400.
Queues Applications Manager's IBM AS400/System i monitor enables you to manage pre-defined system library data queues and objects to let you maintain the overall performance of your AS400 server.

Working with AS400/System i Monitor

  • Configure thresholds for the real time values
  • Define EMail, SMS actions that need to be taken when thresholds cross the defined values
  • Root cause analysis by correlating between different metrics
  • Reports to track the performance for a period of time
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