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JVM Monitoring Tools

JVM Monitoring

What is JVM monitoring and how to monitor JVM?

Enterprise Java Applications are N tiered and complex. The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) improves productivity of Java developers by hiding JVM memory handling details. However this throws new challenges in JVM monitoring in production as improper clean up of JVM memory can cause the application to slow down. Every application administrator hence needs to ensure optimal JVM configuration and monitor JVM memory and performance.

A poorly tuned Java application can cause slow degration in JVM performance, which in turn can cause the application to become slow for end users. JVM Garbage collection is the mechanism by which the VM(Virtual Machine) frees up memory for Java Applications.

JVM Performance Monitoring

Java VM (JVM) Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

ManageEngine® Applications Manager's JVM monitor helps keep an eye on Java Virtual Machine's garbage collection time, heap memory, threads and other key metrics to ensure the JVM has good performance.

You can configure thresholds on various attributes. The fault management capability of our Java VM monitoring tool extends to generation of alarms and notifications and also enables you to take corrective actions—even execute JMX MBean Operations automatically in a production setup.

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JVM Memory Monitoring

ManageEngine Applications Manager's Java memory monitoring tool give you extensive information about heap and non heap memory. Additionally you can monitor how the Virtual Machine allocates the objects in memory for various memory spaces like Eden Space, Survivor space, Tenured Generation etc. Each memory location has its own importance and by monitoring these in production, along with tweaking configuration parameters on JVM startup, a Java application can be tuned well.

Monitor JVM - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitoring Java Garbage Collection (Java GC)

The JVM stats given by Applications Manager's JVM monitoring tool helps understand how classes are loaded and unloaded from the JVM. It also gives metrics about how much time is spent by the JVM in garbage collection and helps understand throughput.

JVM Memory Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

To start monitoring your JVM or Java Applications, download ManageEngine Applications Manager now or learn more about Java Runtime Monitoring.

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