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Linux Server Monitoring

With its highly reliable and scalable design,34Linux is one of the most popular operating systems for business across the globe. As the number of distributions34in the organizations increase, Linux performance monitoring becomes complicated. Needless to say,34Linux server performance monitoring is one of the core responsibilities of the IT team in order to detect performance issues that could impact business service continuity. As a result, the need for Linux monitoring tools becomes inevitable for IT teams that34have to monitor Linux servers.

Applications Manager's Linux monitoring tool empowers administrators by providing extensive support for various Linux distributions. Ensure key performance metrics34of your Linux monitor like CPU, memory, disk utilization, etc are within permissible limits by getting instant notification when thresholds are violated.34With Applications Manager's Linux performance monitoring capabilities you can :

Track health and availability stats for all round Linux monitoring.

Optimal Linux server monitoring tools play a vital role in ensuring the performance and availability of your applications.34Leverage Applications Manager's Linux server monitoring capabilities to monitor the critical metrics of your Linux servers.34Linux server health monitoring34will help you guarantee maximum health and availability of your34Linux server monitor.34With SSH and SNMP modes for Linux monitoring, collect and34monitor Linux server performance statistics such as overall resource usage, resource usage by workload, and34resolve issues by drilling into performance metrics.

Our Linux server monitoring software provides a single pane of glass from which administrators can track key34Linux monitoring server34metrics such as CPU usage, memory usage, disk I/O utilization, system load, network traffic, process details, thread count, process count, zombie process count, etc.

Linux Server Health Monitoring Tools
CPU utilization monitor in Linux Server
Disk utilization monitor in Linux Server

Resolve Linux server performance issues quickly.

Simplify Linux server performance monitoring by gaining deep visibility into metrics from every layer of the server. Compare performance across the layers and diagnose where exactly the performance bottleneck lies.34With our extensive fault management capabilities, determine the root cause of34issues faster and minimize risks associated with performance outages in your34Linux server monitor.34Track Linux server performance closely, and get immediate alerts when thresholds are violated.

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Generate comprehensive reports and dashboards.

Our Linux server monitoring software not only helps you analyze historical performance trends of your Linux servers but also helps you forecast the growth and utilization trends of Linux servers based on machine learning powered analytics. Additionally,34you can plan load distribution and capacity management34for your Linux monitor by identifying whether your servers are working at full capacity or are being underutilized.

Linux Server Capacity Planning
Reports for Linux Server Forecast

Keep check on hardware performance too.

Applications Manager's Linux monitoring tool proactively monitors critical hardware details like processor health, physical/logical drive failures, power supply rating, disk & array, memory, CPU fan speed, temperature, voltage, etc for hardware servers (HP and Dell). Configure the health status of hardware servers based on criticality through hardware monitoring.

Linux Server Hardware Monitoring

Supported Linux distributions :

Our34Linux monitoring software34will help you ensure34optimal Linux performance monitoring of Linux distributions including Red Hat Linux, Redhat Enterprise Linux, Mandriva, Fedora, SuSe, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.

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