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Red Hat Virtualization Monitoring

Red Hat Virtualization Monitoring

Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) - the complete virtualization management solution to support server or desktop applications- is an open, software-defined platform that virtualizes Linux and Microsoft Windows workloads. Formerly known as Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV), the RHV Infrastructures are based on KVM hypervisor (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) and features management tools that virtualize resources, processes, and applications to ensure service performance and business continuity.

Applications Manager's RHV monitoring provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for monitoring and managing the performance of your RHV IT environment. The RHEV monitoring capabilities in Applications Manager lets you perform precise hierarchical service topology mapping of all aspects of the KVM hypervisor and RHV guest VMs, where admins can set up a consistent monitoring system, control user experience and improve real-time performance of mission critical business services in the RHV cluster.

Map RHV clusters in a datacenter with RHV monitoring.

  • Auto-discover Red Hat Virtualization hypervisors in their Hierarchical service topology.
  • Map and measure performance at every tier of the RHV data center from the clusters in the data center, to hosts belonging to the clusters , to the RHV Hypervisor & RHV virtual machines allocated to the host in a cluster and finally to their underlying physical systems and applications running on the VMs.
  • Monitor cluster networks on which mission-critical applications run, generate reports on the status of resource groups and get notified of critical cluster events
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor various key performance stats of all your RHV servers in real-time.

  • Monitor virtual environments with business service views - not as silos.
  • Get an overall picture of the RHV environment with information like the number of hosts and VMs running on them.
  • Associate performance between physical machines and VMs, between applications and VMs, and between VMs hosted on the same physical machine.
  • Generate usage graphs for storage, memory, CPU, and network traffic of hosts and virtual machines.
RHEV Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager
RHEV Performance Monitoring -34ManageEngine Applications Manager

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Drill down to the root cause of an issue with deep diagnostics.

  • Rapidly identify bottlenecks and perform RCA for a problem. Know if it's the network, middle ware, RHV server, VM, or one of the applications causing the bottleneck.
  • Determine if specific Virtual Machines (VMs) are consuming resources and identify the applications responsible for this.
  • Analyze capacity and utilization data so you right-size infrastructure for peak performance.

RHV Performance Monitoring -34ManageEngine Applications Manager

Generate insightful reports and trigger proactive alerts.

  • Associate performance variables to Applications Manager alerts to minimize risks associated with outages.
  • Configure alarms on user-defined thresholds and get notifications of performance problems and downtime via email and SMS instantly.
  • Eliminate downtime and application slowdowns with root-cause diagnosis and proactive alerts.
  • Generate reports to know how your RHV clusters are performing over a period of time and analyze possible trends.
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RHEV Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Supported Virtualization technologies:

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