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Kubernetes Monitoring Tools

Kubernetes Monitoring

With Applications Manager's Kubernetes performance monitoring system, visualize the performance of your entire container infrastructure at a glance and investigate issues quickly.

Kubernetes (or k8s) is an open-source container orchestration system for automating deployment, scaling and management of application containers across clusters of hosts. Kubernetes clusters span across public, private, or hybrid clouds. K8s orchestration allows users to build application services across multiple containers, schedule those containers across a cluster, scale those containers, and manage the health of those containers over time. This necessitates K8s Monitoring with a dedicated Kubernetes monitoring tool for maintaining the health and availability of the system.

Perceptive Kubernetes monitoring tools like Applications Manager lets administrators adapt various Kubernetes cluster monitoring strategies to account for the new infrastructure layers introduced (when adopting containers and the container orchestration) with a distributed Kubernetes environment.

Monitoring Kubernetes cluster with Applications Manager's Kubernetes monitoring tool.

With Applications Manager's Kubernetes monitoring capabilities, you can:

  • Auto-discover the parts and map relationships between objects in the cluster-Kubernetes nodes, namespaces, deployments, replica sets, pods, and containers.
  • Monitor Kubernetes cluster stats and identify faults and their sources with ease.
  • Gain visibility into operational data such as the number of resources used, namespaces per cluster and per pod.
  • Track the capacity and resource utilization of your cluster and drill into specific parts of the cluster.
  • Control application deployments and updates.


Kubernetes Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor Kubernetes nodes and resource consumption

With our Kubernetes monitor, you can:

  • Identify if you have enough nodes in your cluster and resource allocations to existing nodes is sufficient for deployed applications with our Kubernetes container monitoring system.
  • Ensure all nodes on the cluster are healthy - monitor the CPU and memory for Kubernetes nodes (workers and masters).
  • Make educated decisions when defining the number of instances in a node for each pod, including backup instances.
  • Know if your clusters are over- or under-provisioned at any given time.


Kubernetes Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Ensure pods are available and running

Using Applications Manager's Kubernetes management software, you'll be able to:

  • Ensure all desired pods in a deployment are running and not in a restart loop.
  • Identify resource limitations or configuration errors due to which pods can go missing.
  • Track spikes in resource consumption and know how often requests fail for all containers on a specific node.
  • Set up alerts for container restarts to identify issues with containers or its hosts that would affect the performance of their applications.


Kubernetes Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Kubernetes-hosted applications and services

Kubernetes monitoring solutions offered by Applications Manager enables you to:

  • Monitor the performance outliers of the Kubernetes-hosted applications running inside your cluster and track down any individual errors.
  • Track the number of network requests sent across containers on different nodes within a distributed service, often from locations all around the world.
  • Manage services to guarantee your deployed applications are always running optimally.
  • View the status of Kubernetes master and node components API Server, the Etcd key/value store, Scheduler and Controller.
  • Monitor the persistent volume storage that pods consume and the persistent volume claim that grants exclusive usage to pods for storage.


Kubernetes (K8s) Cluster Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Set up alerts and generate reports

Applications Manager's Kubernetes monitoring system brings you alerting capabilities for system-level metrics so you can troubleshoot issues on the most important parts of your cluster quickly. You can generate data-rich reports on all important performance attributes to analyze the historical trends and make informed decisions.

Start Kubernetes performance monitoring with Applications Manager’s full-fledged, 30-day free trial edition.


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