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HAProxy Monitoring

HAProxy Monitoring

HAProxy (stands for High Availability Proxy) is a popular open source TCP/HTTP Load Balancing software and proxying solution for TCP and HTTP-based applications. HAProxy’s mode of operation makes its integration into existing architectures very easy and riskless, while still offering enough security so as not to expose fragile web servers to the net. It is fast, reliable and particularly suited for very high traffic web sites and powers quite a number of the world's most visited ones.

By collecting a multitude of metrics that allow high visibility into HAProxy’s performance, Applications Manager makesHAProxy monitoring simple and effective.

Perform Resource Utilization Tracking

Automatically discover your entire service topology of your data pipeline and applications. Track the maximum number of connections HAProxy can handle. Monitoring this metric is essential to ensure your server has sufficient capacity to handle all concurrent sessions. Monitor the number of currently open pipes and manage resources so that your HAProxy applications run optimally.

HAProxy Connection Rate

View Frontend Stats - Client connection and Request Details

Applications Manager collects frontend details like client connections and requests. Frontend metrics provide information about the client's interaction with the load balancer itself. Keep an eye on the frontend request rate, gauging the peaks and drops is essential to ensure continuous service availability. Track your session creation rate over time to discern a traffic spike. Track the number of requests denied due to security restrictions and be alerted in the event of a significant increase in denials.

HAProxy Session Utilization

Monitor Availability and Health of Backend Servers

Applications Manager measures the communication between HAProxy and your backend servers that handle client requests. Ensure that backend connection failures are acted upon immediately. Track the retry rate (the number of times a connection to a backend server was retried) to drill down to the true cause of an increase in errors. Monitor average response times to effectively measure the latency of your load-balancing setup. Monitoring your backend is critical to ensuring smooth and responsive performance of your web applications.

HAProxy Queue Utilization

Collect Health Metrics

Monitor the health status of each front and backend server in your HAProxy setup. Monitoring the health of your HAProxy servers gives you the information you need to quickly respond to outages as they occur.

HAProxy Health Metrics

Fix Performance Problems Faster

You can correlate frontend metrics with backend metrics for a more comprehensive view of your infrastructure and quickly identify potential hotspots. Applications Manager helps you become aware of performance bottlenecks and take quick remedial actions before your end users experience issues.

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