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APM Insight - Node.js Monitoring

Node.js Monitoring

Get full visibility into your Node.js application environment.

Applications Manager's Node.JS application performance monitoring agent enables you to monitor Node.js applications thoroughly by providing end-to-end visibility. Applications Manager's Node.js performance monitor captures every transaction that occurs over all the tiers of your Node.js' architecture background transactions, database and UI transactions and displays in the APM Insight's Node.js monitoring dashboard.

A good APM tool must be able to provide insights on the:

  • Service level
  • Host level
  • Instance (or process) level of your Node.js applications.

APM Insight for Node.js application monitoring collects crucial metric data like response times, traces, exceptions, DB transaction data, and data throughput. Monitoring service-level metrics will help you maintain your applications in production. While service level monitoring ensures availability, you can reduce response times by keeping an eye on process (or instance) level metrics. Host-level metrics like memory consumption and garbage collection stats helps you prevent memory scarcity and control memory leaks.

Node.JS Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Node JS Application Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Demo for Node.JS Application Performance Management - ManageEngine Applications Manager

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Monitor response times with APM Insights' Node.js performance monitoring tool.

Track overdue processes and ascertain which element is causing it with the help of Node.js application monitoring tool. Understand how database performance is impacting your overall application with visual representation of database operations along with its response times and throughput. Get insight into the background transactions of your Node.js applications, find out operations that are taking a longer time to process and end them to optimize response times.

Distributed traces

If your application is running in a microservices environment, you can make use of our distributed tracing capabilities to track calls made from one service to another across various platforms and languages. In the event of an error, you can quickly understand which service is impacted and collaborate with the respective team to fix it.


Breakdown your code to find erroneous elements.

Get statistics about the Node.js errors and events with Applications Manager's Node.js performance monitoring solution. Track all the exceptions along with their stack trace which will help you pinpoint the source of errors in the line of code. With this information, you can fix the errors and proactively address the exceptions quickly and easily.

Understand code behavior

Troubleshoot performance degradation caused by an overload of hits by monitoring the frequency of hits to DB calls, service calls, or user-defined framework calls. This can be useful while you want to check if a particular segment of your code is working properly.

Applications Manager's APM Insight monitor for NodeJS applications allows you to configure custom app parameters for your application which can be tracked during runtime. This helps you to determine the hit frequency of specific code blocks, helping you identify parts of your application code that might need optimization.

Pinpoint problem areas using Thread Profiling

Resolve issues in production with the help of thread profiling. Identify and isolate high CPU consuming threads and time-consuming methods, and avoid degradation of application performance. Pinpoint the root cause of CPU spikes with ease without having to inspect large amounts of raw data in the thread dumps.

Understand end user experiences across the globe.

Along with end-user monitor, perform synthetic transaction monitoring and monitor the performance of your applications from various locations. You can also measure user satisfaction with APDEX scores provided by Applications Manager's Node js monitoring tools.

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