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Apache Monitoring Tool

Apache HTTP Server Monitoring

Apache server is a widely used open source, cross platform web server which can cater to a multitude of needs with its customizable modular architecture. Even with its highly stable nature, it is important for its users to implement a robust Apache HTTP server monitoring system to ensure optimal Apache server performance and to identify potential problems before they manifest into something big. Applications Manager Apache monitor is a comprehensive Apache performance monitoring system which offers agentless monitoring to analyze important metrics, and ensure smooth user experience.

Ensure 24/7 server availability with in-depth Apache monitoring

Apache exposes high-level metrics through its status module, and logs additional details about each client request in the access log. Applications Manager's Apache server monitoring tool aggregates these data, so that you can identify performance issues and troubleshoot them faster. With Apache monitoring tools, monitoring metrics like requests/minute and request response time which is extremely useful in maintaining steady performance of Apache servers, is made easy. The Apache server monitoring tool also empowers users to ensure low latency and continuous availability by tracking the amount of load the Apache workers weigh in on the CPU round the clock. Applications Manager collects the following details for complete Apache web server monitoring:

  • Availability
  • Response time
  • CPU utilization
  • Bytes transferred/sec
  • Request details
  • Busy servers

With Applications Manager Apache HTTP server monitor, get insight into processes which take maximum time to respond, least time to respond and the average time; find out which servers have been idle and which ones have been busy and stay ahead of issues.

Apache Server Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

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Configure thresholds, and detect anomalies with dynamic baselining

With Applications Manager's real time Apache monitor, set up thresholds for different performance attributes of your web server to receive notifications when they are violated. Alarms raised from threshold breaches instantly notify technicians through e-mail and SMS actions for faster troubleshooting. Configure dynamic baselines with Applications Manager's Apache performance monitoring to monitor gradual performance degradation of your Apache HTTP server and stay alert to any kind of deviation from the expected values.

 Apache Server Configure Alarms Apache Web Server Anomaly Detection

Analyze and monitor Apache performance trends with reports

Utilize Apache monitoring tools offered by Applications Manager to the fullest and monitor Apache server performance metrics with extensive reports for each attribute. Avail performance reports to analyze historical performance trends of various Apache HTTP server parameters. Applications Manager Apache monitoring software tool delivers insight into the performance over a period of time, and uses machine learning techniques to forecast growth and utilization trends of your Apache server in the future. With analytical information about web server performance, load distribution and resource planning becomes easier.

Apache Web Server Performance Data History

Prevent website downtime with Website Monitoring

Make sure that the websites hosted on your Apache server are always available with Applications Manager's website monitoring capabilities. Monitor Apache server's key performance metrics from various geographical locations using synthetic transactions and ensure maximum performance of not only your web server but also your websites.
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Supported web servers:

With out-of the box monitoring capabilities, ManageEngine provides a unified console to monitor more than 100 applications and servers. In addition to Apache monitor, Applications Manager also offers monitoring for the following web servers/services:

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