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What is Server Monitoring?

Server Monitoring is the process of monitoring all the system resources associated with the server in order to understand their resource usage patterns and optimize them accordingly to provide a better end-user experience. It ensures that your server is capable of hosting your applications by providing sufficient data relating to the performance of your system and helps you understand the system operations.

While most server monitoring tools provide real time server monitoring and generate notifications in case of performance issues, a perceptive tool like Applications Manager will also provide comprehensive insight into the root cause of the issues and helps you troubleshoot them quickly.

Monitor key metrics in real-time

Metrics such as CPU utilization & Disk Utilization are critical attributes to keep an eye on to extrapolate the load on your CPU and assess the overall server memory utilization. You can understand the amount of load on the server by tracking parameters such as traffic, utilization and number of packets sent/received in the network interface.

Applications Manager's server performance monitoring provides thorough real time server monitoring for various important metrics such as:

  • Memory Utilization
  • Disk I/O
  • Network Interface and Adapters
  • Hardware Health
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Syslog Errors
  • Event Logs, etc.

Server Memory Monitoring & Utilization tool

Server Monitoring & Disk Utilization

Fault management made easy

Applications Manager's server monitoring capabilities lets you keep a vigilant eye on the abnormalities occurring within the server infrastructure. The server and application monitor allows you to set threshold limits for vital parameters that are important to maintain server uptime and to get instant notifications if the thresholds are violated. In addition, you can automate remedial actions such as starting or stopping a server or drill down to the root cause of the issue to understand and resolve them thoroughly.

Server Monitoring for alarm report

Monitor Server Alarms

Intelligent analytics for server performance attributes

Applications Manager's server performance monitor offers numerous analytical capabilities to measure and track your server's resource utilization and its performance trends. While Trend Analysis reports allows admins to understand the performance trends of different parameters in a server, the Forecast Reports makes use of Machine Learning algorithms to anticipate usage by predicting the disk utilization of your servers. The server and application monitor enables you to plan load distribution and resource allocation adequately by providing capacity planning reports that facilitates admins in identifying servers that are overutilized or underutilized. Additionally, you can create your own custom reports and schedule automatic report generation based on set intervals.

Forecast reports for Server Monitoring

Monitor Server for Forecast reporting

Applications Manager offers comprehensive server monitoring service for the following servers:

All in one server monitor software

Applications Manager provides complete server monitoring service for the following servers:

Applications Manager's server performance monitor is the preferred server monitor software solution for thousands of admins across the globe. While most server monitors provide performance statistics of your server infrastructure, Applications Manager's server monitoring tool enables users to gain end to end visibility into the performance of your servers and provides complete enterprise server monitoring with its robust monitoring, alerting and analytical capabilities. Its ease of use and affordable pricing makes Applications Manager the best server monitoring tool available today.

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