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Java Monitoring

Performance problems in Java-based applications can be business impacting. Applications Manager's Java monitor tools are designed to proactively monitor Java applications and the technologies that power them, and optimize their performance.

Our Java monitor tool constantly monitors the important metrics and sends cautionary signals when it observes an abnormal pattern in the performance. You can reduce the MTTR and manual intervention as our intelligent fault management system traces and identifies the root cause of errors and helps with corrective actions. Besides Java real time monitoring and analyzing historical performance, Applications Manager's Java monitor also enables users to pre-empt resource usage spikes with forecast reports that employ machine learning techniques to predict usage. Applications Manager's Java monitoring solution also offers statistical reports to help you gain visibility into how various command line parameters and garbage collection algorithms impact the Java application performance.

Monitor and troubleshoot Java application performance.

Applications Manager's Java performance monitoring software provides deep APM with byte-code instrumentation for Java applications in development, QA, and production environments. It provides you a full picture of why your applications crashed and how to prevent it from happening again. Our transaction monitoring agent, APM Insight, is lightweight and easy to install. It lives inside the application and provides visibility into your entire Java application stack, including databases and services. It enables you to monitor java application performance and quickly isolate erroneous code in Java applications before your customers are affected so that you can fix those issues faster and tune the application for optimal performance.

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Java Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor health and performance of Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

The Java virtual machine (JVM) is an integral part of the application. Applications Manager's Java application monitor helps you perform JVM monitoring by trackinging key JVM metrics such as the memory usage - including heap and non-heap memory, threads usage, loaded and unloaded classes as well as garbage collector activity to ensure your JVM has good performance. It enables you to manage multi-threaded bottlenecks, identify slow or broken web service APIs, and discover memory related problems that may be affecting Java application performance.

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Java Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor Java application server stats.

Applications Manager's Java application monitoring solution enables you to capture and perform Java application performance monitoring on all the key performance metrics of your Java-based application servers like Apache Tomcat, JBoss, IBM Websphere and Oracle WebLogic in real-time. View detailed metrics directly in your Java monitoring dashboard which provides both graphical and numerical representations of the KPIs. Important parameters in Java application servers that need constant surveillance are those related to database, concurrency and memory; monitoring these metrics help optimize the performance of Java applications. With our Java monitoring system, you can monitor the following KPIs:
JDBC: Monitor metrics related to JDBC like connection stats and pool usage stats.
JVM and JMS: Keep tabs on on JVM memory usage and JMS queue stats.
Concurrency: Get extensive details about threads and thread dumps which help understand the concurrency behavior in JRE servers.
Memory Usage: Monitor both physical (CPU, disk) and virtual (JVM) memory consumption. Our JVM monitor also provides you with a summary of the garbage collection process and specific collector stats.

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Java Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Applications Manager's Java monitoring tool supports all popular Java frameworks

Monitor JMX performance.

Applications Manager's Java performance monitor helps you monitor the JMX console and Java/J2EE applications that expose management information via JMX. It helps with JMX monitoring by querying MBeans within the JMX console and sends out notifications in case of faults to ensure that there's no degradation in application performance. You can monitor Java JMX application response times, memory usage, and custom Mbeans, as well as invoke MBean operations and custom scripts to take corrective actions when there is a threshold violation.

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Java Application Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager


Besides monitoring Java applications, Applications Manager also offers monitoring and management of over 130 technologies—all from a single console. To experience Java performance monitoring with Applications Manager firsthand, download our 30-day free trial or schedule a personalized demo for a guided tour.

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